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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Ok Yamato looks cool I’ll give him that, but is nobody else annoyed that a character capable of one shotting a Flying Six member literally appeared out of nowhere? If there were any hints of his existence prior maybe I would be more okay with this. But this feels really random (especially the helping Luffy part, but that’s gonna be explained hopefully). Like what if a character asked Jack “Hey is your big brother here, he’s stronger than all of the Calamities put together” out of nowhere.

edit: I doubt Ulti is down for the rest of the arc, because Oda would have to be an exceptionally shitty writer to do that.
That's your opinion, you hating that behaviour doesn't mean that other people should hate seeing it

I love seeing the heart eyes gag... as much as it's shown... I love seeing the money eyes gag with Nami.. I love seeing the "Don't flatter me you idiot" moment of chopper... just because you hate it, doesn't mean other fans will hate it... thus it's subjective... and it's not a good way to reflect if a character is good/useful or not
Those people dont these gags in serious situations that's the huge difference with Sanji. The allies inside the base of the enemies, they're pursued by Big Mom yet the retard can't even focus. It's go over simple back. Oda finding a way to make his behavior work through contrived plot reqson doesnt mean Sanji is a "human chatacter", that's horseshit.
Clashes literally mean nothing

It's like saying Kizaru and Marco are equals coz they clashed that one time
Yeah but that goes both ways..
We can't say luffy is stronger than King for example based on his previous fight with Katakuri or him being stronger than Marco currently based on what he may accomplish later in the arc..
I like luffy but this is what I'm against;his overhype by some people.


It could full well be CoC though. Its not like Ulti has some exploding devil fruit that allows her forehead to explode.

Its a fair assumption because in Luffy and Chinjao's CoC clash other people were thrown back and environment was destroyed too. Same in Doffy's clash.

Look at how the stone is getting destroyed solely by the clash.

Same thing with Katakuri here. Same thing happened with Roger/WB as well. People were thrown back.
The difference between CoC and Ulti clash is that the people don't have foams, they are not unconscious
Nobody mentions CoC even, even Luffy doesn't points it or feels Ulti has CoC
I never had problems with Sanji's gag (except for fishman island) but like this one is particularly annoying cause this man Sanji ditched protecting Nami, Shinobu and Carrot when they can potentially get hurt by BM and Prometheus and not only that but this is a FUCKING RAID we ain't here to joke around and look for prostitutes like cmon dawg.
Unless Sanji has some "secret plan" and is not actually looking for prostitutes which would be great but so far i'm kinda disappointed with Sanji right now.
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