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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Current G2/G3 Luffy with Advanced Armament Haki and Future sight is enough for base kaido.

This is why Oda is not letting Luffy use it with Advanced CoA and Advanced FS.
So does that mean current G4 is much weaker than G2/G3 with advanced armament and Fs? As luffy admitted he needed it against Ulti who is much weaker than Kaido even in his base.
I hope you don't get proved wrong in the next chapters.
Yamato is may be even stronger than luffy right now.


At this rate probably Perospero having awakning is high too looking from the new chapter,so awakening for Doffy beeing special would fall down too. Also Doffy beeing special because Luffy need G4 fall to. In the end GK beeing the only left thing and this could even end when Law face any F6 or even Calamity,when Law get asskicked.
Ulti matched Wano Luffy...
Weakened base Luffy matched weakened base Doffy....
Ulti grip ~ parasite, something Luffy can't overcome without G4.

Only Awakening makes Doffy be above Pero /WhoWho/base Dukes Without Awakening, Doffy can't beat them.
if people wanna keep the same energy . i guess sanji bodied page 1 normal normal zoan in raid suit bruh
luffy did what sanji did to normal page 1 zoan, sanji also made page 1 scream,
and to top it all off, after sanji yeeted page 1 thought a building he lowkey waited for page 1 to transform and had a internal monologue about using raid suit to look at girls bruh
only difference here be page 1 didnt use hybrid form agaisnt luffy
shit wouldve been real different


Pepebusi Spammer
I never had problems with Sanji's gag (except for fishman island) but like this one is particularly annoying cause this man Sanji ditched protecting Nami, Shinobu and Carrot when they can potentially get hurt by BM and Prometheus and not only that but this is a FUCKING RAID we ain't here to joke around and look for prostitutes like cmon dawg.
Unless Sanji has some "secret plan" and is not actually looking for prostitutes which would be great but so far i'm kinda disappointed with Sanji right now.
This is why i dont understand. Why ODA keep making Sanji as a gag characters.
His actions contradict his ideals. He attempts to be chivalrous and show women the utmost respect, and he (to some degree) puts women on a pedestal. Particularly attractive women. But then he shits on that "respect" through his perversive tendencies. It's like Sanji doesnt even look at woman as people lmao, instead like a pet that he can shower his affection towards, it's like how Egyptians worshipped cats or something and it's pathetic and goes against what he stands for. Obsession isn't respect.
Being a pervert DOES NOT EQUAL disrespecting a woman....
There is a line between "Seeing women only as a flesh" and "Seeing a woman for the whole package"

Sanji is the later, he cares of the perverted sexy side, but he also sees their nature of kindness and gentleness... which helped him during his past, while he was constantly being bullied by males.... A 6 YEARS OLD... I repeat, a 6 YEARS OLD... only saw goodness from females, and saw bad shit from males.... it's only thanks for Zeff that he treats other men good

Let's all go and look at someone similar, like Boa Hancock

Someone who is a simp for Luffy, while she mostly hate ALL MALES< due to her past and how she was treated by males

If anything, Oda has been so consistent with Sanji

Also, your whole ideals about "being perverted over women is equal to disrespecting them" is ONLY relevant when we talk about cultural values...
One Piece series is NOT ONLY a series that is NOT WESTERN in culture, it's Japanese, but also it does not reflect any kind of PRESENT cultural values....

We can see values we come to term with... but this is ANIME FICTIONAL SHOW WITH FICTIONAL CULTURE

What you see right in your culture is NOT NECESSARILY considered the same in other culture...
I dont know what the purpose of Ulti and Page 1 if they had already 2 fights in which 1 got hit hard (ulti)

Is Ulti out of the fights=`? If not who will face Ulti? Definitely missing some hype cuz we saw her hybrid form so maybe someone of the Yakuza clan or one of the 9 red scabban?

Page 1 is weird, he didnt receive a good feat against Luffy or Sanji so him facing again one of this 2 make no sense.

X-drake will not face any of the straw-hat

Sasaki is really a big question mark

WhoWho we need to know who he want to eliminate first, maybe he has something against a worstgeneration member? or someone inside Kaido crew? This thing will decide who is going to face WhoWho

Queen is next to Momosuke so he ll step in to the one that ll try to save Momosuke, so everything is still open. I can see Luffy (cuz Oda like to focus 80% on him) maybe Zoro, maybe Sanji, maybe someone else

MD Zolo

Look... Oda's excuses for separating characters haven't been very convincing lately. But still, having Sanji look for beautiful women is a good enough excuse to separate him from the bunch and have him do his things.

There is no deep meaning to be had regarding this. Anybody using this to slander Sanji is doing it mostly out of spite.
The F6 got major hype in this chapter, let's make that clear.

Ulti's physical strength nearly forced Luffy to G4 and she had an equal exchange with him in her base form.

Both Page one and Ulti were portrayed as the weaker members of the F6. Who's Who grouped them together as brats and Sasaki told us that Page one could never have a shot at becoming a calamity.

@Jo_Ndule are u going to admit now that Tobi roppo > Veterans?
Oven and Daifuku are utter trash, one was trolled by Base Sanji who looked away, casually blocking his giant genie and the other couldn't even kill Pound and was rivalled by Aladdin.
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