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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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The main reason this is such a big problem is because one of his main ideals is that women should be shown the utmost respect, he's chivalrous to the point where he doesn't even want to hit women even if it means death.
Yet he would turn around and do this.
I don't see how somebody could say this isn't disrespectful and doesn't contradict his character.
I personally don't even mind anything about Sanji's ideals or his gags specifically.

But the line is crossed when his retarded fans justify creepy shit like taking creepshots so they can feel better about liking a fictional character.

Its fucking retarded. Jesus. Actual incels. I can only pray for the females that have to interact in their daily lives.
Luffy/Sanji vs Page One

Sanji : Base kick, Powered up Raid Suit kick (many times) but Page One tanked it like nothing and Sanji run from theur fight after he realised it wasn't enough. He need to ask Franky n Usopp to modified his RS.

Luffy : One Shotted Page One with Gear Third.

This would make sense if it was coming from an anime only scrub


Sanji vs Page One
Sanji 3 basic kicks and 1 flying basic kick and Page One was out

Luffy vs Page One
Luffy G2+G3+Haki to do what 1 normal kick from Sanji did
What we know is Sanji with his kicks enhanced with rs didn't make p1 bleeding in Zoan form but luffy did with gear 3 with simple hardening .
Gear 3 with coa ~ Dj Kick Rs sanji> normal kick Rs sanji > dj kick sanji > base sanji 😎
u mean sanji in raid suit made page 1 scream and yeeted page 1 thought a building, and forced page 1 to go hybrid form and take the match seriously, and he still waited for page 1 to get up and had a monologue from 1 hit
afterwords page 1 with killing intent could only lightly harm sanji in raid suit
luffy done did what sanji done to normal base bruh
Huh? So you would say sexualising 13 year old girls in anime is okay because that is within THEIR culture???? Of course I'm applying my own thought process and the way I see things. His perversion is highly disrespectful lol. He literally objectifies beautiful women and he has shown to be disrespectful to women who aren't beautiful. The perfect example of this is Kokoro from water 7. She was nothing but helpful to the strawhats and literally saved their lives and what does Sanji think of her? He's disgusted by her to the point where he coughs up blood because she dared to get old and fat.
Wait, you mean that "Nami/Usopp/Zoro" ALSO were objectifying Kokoro too?
LOL, you really sound like a child now just painting everything on Sanji, when literally "Zoro himself did the same/ Nami, a lady did the same/ Usopp did the same/ Chopper, and ANIMAL who isn't sexually attracted to female human did the same"

Do you see where I'm going with this???

Also, don't bring a 13 year old girl idea, when Sanji didn't fall for someone that age.... when it comes to sensitive Taboo stuff:

1- Oda made sure to change his WCI details in order to make Pudding Legal (JUST TO PRESERVE SANJI's intigrety)
2- Oda has shown Sanji's treatment to small female kids, with Toko
3- Oda has shown Sanji's treatment to his (Mother and Sister)

So basically, everything you are using to attack on Sanji is not relevant...

And when I say "differences in culture, I mean at BASIC STUFF"

Meaning, U.S. Ideals in past 10 years is NOT the same at 50 years ago, and not the same as 100 years ago...etc

Ideals change over time, what is being seen as bad thing, sometimes in future may change, or STAY THE SAME...

That's the idea I'm saying

Sanji is shown to be an OLD-SCHOOL in culture based on the fact that he NEVER LAYS A HAND ON WOMEN... that's something in new modern society, some people have problem with (not me)... as some women say "he is not seeing me as equal" but that same principle is also getting praised by some other women, and other cultures....

I'm talking about those type of matters... don't bring me a pedophilia to talk about it

on the subject of Pedophilia, Japanese mangaka have been drawing small kids pornography and STILL this shit is going... and for some reason those mangaka are fine and okay... not sure how! Can you imagine someone from a western culture draws something similar... let's say in Canada or U.S?
He'd be in prison next day
Holy shit, Luffy is trash without G4. As suspected, the enemies in WCI were too fragile since all the tankiness went into their momma.
Both Cracker and Katakuri had to either avoid or take on attacks with their DF produced medium. I wish I could call them glass cannons but both were missing the cannon part so they were just glass.

Luffy going G4 for trash like Ulti? Lmao. Imagine Zoro pulling not Asura, but whatever his all out is for trash like that. Hilarious.
This only shows how ineffective Luffy's strikes are and how much stronger Zoro is. One slash from Zoro >100+ punches from Luffy.
At least G3 Luffy managed to draw blood from Pay-Pay, RS Sanjino with cheap shots couldnt even do that much...
"Luffy is going to solo Kaido." :suresure:
But but but base Luffy one shot Zolo :gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Very respectful behavior by Sanji here. I'm sure your creepy ass thinks taking pictures of girls in public who don't want to be pictured is "respectful" too.

I don't mind his antics that much but lets not kid ourselves here. Its just a gag, but anyone can tell disrespect when he sees it.

I thought Sanji fans were retarded, but this is just downright creepy to pathetic.

Have you fucking idiots interacted with a human female even once? What even the fuck is this discussion?
Hey, for that moment... it was his body

I'd do the same LOL

you can call me a sick bastard LOL
who would miss that chance...
Yeah but that goes both ways..
We can't say luffy is stronger than King for example based on his previous fight with Katakuri or him being stronger than Marco currently based on what he may accomplish later in the arc..
I like luffy but this is what I'm against;his overhype by some people.
But luffy WON those fights. It's not like he clashed with katakuri and then we say hes equal to katakuri
Imagine thinking this

Did more than this

Bunch of clowns🤡🤡🤡

Yall expect an attack to the chest to cough up more blood than a attack to the face. You see which one hurt P1 more lmao. Anyways lets wait till the chapter comes out. Lets see if Luffy can turn him into hybrid.
I'm not choosing either sides but you do realize an uppercut can and literally KO people more effectively than a gut punch?
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