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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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so people think Ulti will tank g2 and g3 punches and not lose?

As soon as Luffy used g2 to dodge and g3, her brother got beaten.

But people talking as if Luffy used g2 and g3 on Ulti and it failed lol

I'm not a Luffy fanboy but please. Ulti didn't tank any g2 or g3 move.
Luffy wanting to go g4 is the same as he did vs Doffy. The onky to break out free.

One G3 punch or gatling will KO her... Unless you think Ulti is now Dragon Kaido tier in endurance and dura or biscuit clone tier
Hey, for that moment... it was his body

I'd do the same LOL

you can call me a sick bastard LOL
who would miss that chance...
You're saying if you got the chance you'd grab a womans tits and take pictures of them, even if she's constantly prohibiting it?

Yeah I don't really know about interacting with you much anymore dude. You're even worse than a pile of shit.



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Imagine thinking this

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Yall expect an attack to the chest to cough up more blood than a attack to the face. You see which one hurt P1 more lmao. Anyways lets wait till the chapter comes out. Lets see if Luffy can turn him into hybrid.
No, if you understand Martial Arts / Wrestling. An Uppercut is like "critical damage" to the opponent. So i'll take luffy hit gives more damage to Page One than Sanji did.
The main reason this is such a big problem is because one of his main ideals is that women should be shown the utmost respect, he's chivalrous to the point where he doesn't even want to hit women even if it means death.
Yet he would turn around and do this.

how this be disrespectful, he respects women to the point where he wouldnt harm them
u missing the point
ngl u probs hate sanji cause oda puts sanji in a rivalry against zoro,
that and u mask it by saying he perverted, guess u must not like jaraiya sensei, naruto using a sexy jutsu or any perverted character in manga bruh, when u yourself on twitter be as much of a simp as sanji
its pretty funny ngl
aint no reason to have a argument with a sanji hate boner lol


Stop this BS. Luffy beat Caesar and Chinjao with G2/G3. He can beat many people without G4. Ulti is just too strong for Luffy to beat her without G4.
So wrong.

Luffy didn't use g2 and g3 on Ulti.

You gotta be trolling if you think Ulti will tank g2 and g3 as much as biscuit clone or dragon Kaido.

Oda didn't make Luffy use g2 and g3 on Ulti for a reason... Look at P1.
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