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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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So kid and killer are supposedly NOT panting as much as Zoro because it's not in a dialogue box? Can you show me where this was written as a rule of comics

And I was just trying to clear up your thoughts on sfx in dialogue boxes vs them outside of dialogue boxes since you very clearly once upon a time Said "NO SFX IN A DIALOGUE BOX COUNTS".

Good that you changed your mind right now when u think it suits you
Because theyre not panting verbally. Easy as that lmao. Theirs difference between breathing and panting heavily. Stop finding excuses lmao. They never panted verbally.

End of story. Go cry somewhere else.
You realize that believing that women don't have the autonomy in choosing to be bad people and believing that none of them should be harmed when attacking you are still objectifying concepts right?
I don't care if you see it as appropriate with your ideals or my ideals... that's HIS OWN character.... he is RAISED THAT WAY
now whether your values is against that or not... is different matter.. and not the subject of discussion here LOL... we're just talking about whether Sanji contradicts his character or not
And I already said that Sanji was NEVER a "complete chivalrous" guy... He is a guy with "SOME" chivalrous attributes... but it doesn't mean that he has some other shit that kind of objectifies women....
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That was before Sanji's body was attacked. She wasn't even in his body. She was in Franky's at that time.
He had Future sight LOL


Lazy is the way
I think Who´s Who crew is based on him having a ancient cat zoan power.
If these 3 are really member of Sasaki crew, I expect a insect ancient zoan power for Sasaki.
Question is what for a insect ancient zoan would fit to Sasaki?
Yeah I tought about that too, the three have insects SMILES, but for Sasaki I have no clue : a giant dragon fly seems weird or a big centipede same weird
Oda just took a dump on the portrayal of CoC user Kidd huffing and puffing together with Killer while Zoro is soloing with his sword on shoulder. The moment he sliced up the stage 2 chapters ago and scolded Luffy while Kidd and Killer acted as cheerleaders, it was clear who the boss of the alliance is.
The bolded part only highlights Zoro's stupidity, nothing more nothing less.

If anything, the moment Luffy and Kidd are competing in Udon, lifting rock and all, while Zoro was busy fainting. Or the moment when Luffy, Kidd, and Law all attacked Beast pirates ship while Zoro was busy reliefing, knowing Kyoshiro is an ally. Should already tell all, who is the more relevant between the CoC user or the 4th highest bounty crewmember.
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