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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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MD Zolo

Do people really think ulti was about to beat luffy or something if he did use g4 or yamato didn't come in?

And like luffy used g4 on a boat...
People probably think he needs g4 to destroy one now too lol
If Luffy thought that Ulti was too strong and FSed her attack, then Ulti shouldn't be underestimated.

As far as Manga panel goes, Luffy said that she is too strong and then proceeded to G4 while Ulti proceeded to Ul-meteor. I don't remember Luffy calling a ship too strong before proceeding to G4.
You do realize zoro is fighting against 500 gifters and headliners while sanji went diable jambe to beat a fodder headliner
And your acting as if Zoro beat 497 already.

Dude was running away the entire time cause he dont wanna get injured. We dont know how many he beat until he came two those 3.
Look!! I know you are joking but this is not the right way to defend Sanji.
I never defend Sanji
I'm only analyzing his character
for the hundreth time
Sanji is NOT a complete chivalrous guy.... he ONLY has specific "chivalrous" attributes... but NOT all

It's the fandom who want to say "Sanji is supposed to be a complete chivalrous in EVERY ACTION, yet he does this and that"
They don't even know anything about him to begin with

As a kid, he was telling Zeff to KICK A WOMAN, just like that, as a kid he was perverted over women as well

Zeff kicked him for BOTH, yet he only changed in terms of "kicking" women... that doesn't make him a "whole in whole complete chivalrous person".... he still has the flaws of peeping and perverting and sexualizing women... that never changed...
Yamato the Boss' brat
Cheap shotted a distracted flying six with a named attack, and see as she will wake up, fine and only got furious in next chapter.

Meanwhile King, attacked a yonko that is tiers above F6, without any named attack, and not a distracted yonko (they already saw King from afar but couldn't do anything), and the Yonko almost died if not thanks to plot armor. Even her smartest son clearly admitting it would be miracle if their Mama can survive.
Zoro doesn´t really look bad, I protect back then Sanji too when he carry Luffy in end of WCi, where he face many ministers at once, he was protectless too, yet people hate/bash Sanji for over one year for that performance, who wasn´t really bad.
The same can say now too, these characters aren´t fodders, Zoro make it clear, Kid make it clear and also Luffy make it clear. They are individually strong and if we add the numbers they are a really strong force, Zoro in otherway need to save his stamina for the later battle against Kaido and his calamity, he can´t go all out.
I already hate the bash against Sanji back then and I hate the bash for Zoro right now, but it seems like that is the regular fandom battle between two sides, so...
Luffy got up straight next page after few seconds.
While Ulti isn't up even after 3 pages of Yamato with luffy.

Just stop it, Ulti lost to Yamato in one blow
P1 lost to g3 luffy.

Reminder Ulti didn't match g2 nor g3, she only matched Base Luffy. G3 would crush Ulti like it beat p1.
The only reason Luffy wanna go g4 is to break out of The grip. His small body can't break out the grip but in g4 it can
Ulti got snuck.
In all honesty, Luffy can beat Ulti in base(G2/G3), it's not like Ulti's headbutt was gonna do shit. This guy Luffy took a shitload of named attacks from Katakuri who has better coA and AP than Ulti. Luffy was handling these 2 comfortably, which is surprising given Luffy's tendency to job before main fights. The only difference G4 makes is it makes a mid-diff into a low-diff.
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