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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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In all honesty, Luffy can beat Ulti in base(G2/G3), it's not like Ulti's headbutt was gonna do shit. This guy Luffy took a shitload of named attacks from Katakuri who has better coA and AP than Ulti. Luffy was handling these 2 comfortably, which is surprising given Luffy's tendency to job before main fights. The only difference G4 makes is it makes a mid-diff into a low-diff.
I'm just saying. Ulti clashed equally with Luffy's CoA who's CoA is much stronger than Katakuri.
G3 grew stronger in WCI. Yet is still weaker than a base RS kick.:yearight:
we ain't trolling here lmao there is no implications of having gear 3 growing stronger than before only if he used an advanced form of coa but he used a simple hardening Luffy Made an advance in his Coa level not the quality of his hardening lmao :smithnie::smithnie::cheers::whitepress:
simple fact 1080 pc > gear 3 with hardening which made P1 in Zoan form bleeding = Dj Rs sanji > rs sanji with base kicks which didn't make p1 bleeding
The worst bait in this thread so far lol
But its true though?
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Luffy's CoA is weaker than Kata's. Luffy unlocked a different skill tree of CoA, but the 'hardness' of his CoA is either the same or slightly improved after fighting Kata.
Bruh how is Luffy's CoA weaker than Kata's? The fuck? He trained his CoA to a level which even Katakuri's didn't have.

The whole "different skill tree" bullshit is just a headcanon and fanmade concept. Nothing in canon supports this.


Kitetsu Wanker
The bolded part only highlights Zoro's stupidity, nothing more nothing less.

If anything, the moment Luffy and Kidd are competing in Udon, lifting rock and all, while Zoro was busy fainting. Or the moment when Luffy, Kidd, and Law all attacked Beast pirates ship while Zoro was busy reliefing, knowing Kyoshiro is an ally. Should already tell all, who is the more relevant between the CoC user or the 4th highest bounty crewmember.
Topi-chin, it is time to join the sword wank, last train is leaving the station.
You can never go wrong with someone for who Oda himself says: Dont speak ill of Zoro.

Zoro will beat Kaido.
Luffy will beat Big Mom.
Sanji will beat his meat, in a brothel, with Kidd and Killer watching.

Those are your options. Team cook, team happy-go-lucky kiddo or team stupid Marimo who will be strongest character in the manga.
And your acting as if Zoro beat 497 already.

Dude was running away the entire time cause he dont wanna get injured. We dont know how many he beat until he came two those 3.
I'm not saying he beat all of them but he's doing fine agianst them, they're like zombies you beat 10 of them, 20 will appear
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Cheap shotted a distracted flying six with a named attack, and see as she will wake up, fine and only got furious in next chapter.

Meanwhile King, attacked a yonko that is tiers above F6, without any named attack, and not a distracted yonko (they already saw King from afar but couldn't do anything), and the Yonko almost died if not thanks to plot armor. Even her smartest son clearly admitting it would be miracle if their Mama can survive.
King never touched BM
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