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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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But its true though?
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Bruh how is Luffy's CoA weaker than Kata's? The fuck? He trained his CoA to a level which even Katakuri's didn't have.

The whole "different skill tree" bullshit is just a headcanon and fanmade concept. Nothing in canon supports this.
If you ignore her interactions with the SH then yea it true
If Luffy thought that Ulti was too strong and FSed her attack, then Ulti shouldn't be underestimated.

As far as Manga panel goes, Luffy said that she is too strong and then proceeded to G4 while Ulti proceeded to Ul-meteor. I don't remember Luffy calling a ship too strong before proceeding to G4.
If luffy one shotting page how much stronger do you think ulti is?

Luffy just wanted to end it fast as possible and similar to parasite the best way to get out of a tight grip is g4


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So what can we tell about Yamato:

He's tall apparently two Luffys (according to this pic at least )he's not standing too still here but it seems like it's double the height of Luffy (174cm* 2 = 348 cm more or less)
here he seems even taller

He doesn't seem very muscular, in fact he seems quite skinny compared to his daddy!

And man i can't wait for his character to develop!
He seem to be really strong one shotting Ulti, he might be above Calamity level like if you can capture him you are worthy taking on a calamity, at worst he seem to be as strong as the strongest F6 but tbh he seems stronger than them at least now.

Yamato: ".......... I've been waiting for you!! I've been waiting for a long time!! My name is Yamato!!! I am the son of Kaido!!!"
He was waiting Luffy for a long time now idk if he was waiting for him since Luffy landed on Wano or more i'm curious.....
He one shotted a F6 and he's asking Fodders
"Stop him~!!!
Yamato: "Oops sorry!! Don't hurt me!!!"
Curious to see his relationship with Kaido
I got messages about derailing in the thread. I am pretty busy at work, so... if anyone Details still with Sanji vs Zoro stuff or baiting in that direction, I will threadban instantly.
More like some sanji fans were trying to embarrass Fiji by posting some screenshots from Fiji's other parts of personal life.
If you ignore her interactions with the SH then yea it true
I'm talking about the overall panel time lmao.

Its got nothing to do with Strawhat interactions. Brook, Robin, Franky, Jinbe, etc. ALL Strawhats had high panel time in their joining arcs. Meanwhile Carrot is losing to literal nobodies like Onimaru. She's not joining.
Holy crap bro you really don't get the point.
I DON'T CARE about his perversive tendencies and the way he treats women, I like Jiraiya, I like Brook, I don't care if he's a pervert, that is not my issue with him AT ALL, his perversive tendencies are definitely disrespectful to women though but that isn't a huge problem I have because it's comic relief and it's a Japanese manga, I expect this.

But it is SANJI that is being the pervert and yes it definitely does contradict everything he stands for. That's why it's so aggravating. Imagine somebody fighting against racism for their entire life and then they turn around and do some racist stuff as a joke every single episode/arc. It's a massive character flaw.

And character flaws are not inherently bad, they're only bad when they are never addressed and a character doesn't care about said flaw. If Sanji's perversion was addressed and he actually tried to do something about it then I could grow to love his character. But right now, he's just a chivalrous pervert.. which makes no sense.

Also about the lolicon stuff.. yes. That stuff is nasty. Even Eiichiro Oda himself is supporting a man (Watsuki, the Kenshin author) who was arrested for owning child p***. It's disgusting. It's very normalised over there.
Oda supported Watsuki :whitepress:
I don't care if you see it as appropriate with your ideals or my ideals... that's HIS OWN character.... he is RAISED THAT WAY
now whether your values is against that or not... is different matter.. and not the subject of discussion here LOL... we're just talking about whether Sanji contradicts his character or not
And I already said that Sanji was NEVER a "complete chivalrous" guy... He is a guy with "SOME" chivalrous attributes... but it doesn't mean that he has some other shit that kind of objectifies women....
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He had Future sight LOL

He's out here looking for hoes bruv. That has nothing to do with his upbringing.

Not that being "brought up that way" is ever an excuse. Luffy was supposed to be a Marine right? I love Sanji too but I hope you're true to your word about "not caring, " because when this is no longer confined to spoilers it's going to be a rough two weeks trying to defend him.
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