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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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I'm talking about the overall panel time lmao.

Its got nothing to do with Strawhat interactions. Brook, Robin, Franky, Jinbe, etc. ALL Strawhats had high panel time in their joining arcs. Meanwhile Carrot is losing to literal nobodies like Onimaru. She's not joining.
She aint joining cus it your headcanon wait till wano over then talk shit
:quest: So Oda just conveniently forgot to include the rest of the BM pirates?
No. He has no intention of having them be part of this battle in the first place. The only reason why Perospero is coming is because there's a plot left for him with Carrot, that's obviously where Oda wants to bring closure.

No reason why Peros didn't take any of his siblings with him
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Ulti almost made Luffy go G4

Imagine how strong WsW and Sasaki are
Or Drake

MD Zolo

If luffy one shotting page how much stronger do you think ulti is?

Luffy just wanted to end it fast as possible and similar to parasite the best way to get out of a tight grip is g4
Yes, because if somebody wants to end it fast as possible he thinks that "she is too strong"!!!!!

Face it, Luffy went G4 because Luffy needed G4 to overcome her.

Would Luffy defeat Ulti? Yes. But to think that Luffy proceeded to use G4 to low-diff her is BS. Luffy did it because he realized that Ulti can't be handled with G2/G3.

And Luffy defeating Page1 has no bearing on the strength level of Ulti. For example, Luffy wasn't able to one-shot Ulti, does that mean Luffy can't one-shot Page1?

Comparing Page1 and Ulti is pointless here. The point is very simple. Ulti forced Luffy to G4 by her strength. Comparing Ulti to a ship or Page1 is completely unfair.


There is difference between :
using g4 coz g2 and g3 failed /are totally useless,
and using g4 coz you gotta break free.

Ulti scène is similar to Doffy case but even then Luffy used g2 and g3 on Doffy.

Let's not get carried away here.
Top Flyers and Pero are slightly below Doffy, Ulti/Drake/Oven/Daifuku will lose upper-mid diff to Doffy.
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