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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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What FS? The power that is incompatible with Luffy's character? You still counting on that to be a permanent power? Delusional...
Oda has been clear at least 10+ times that FS is not a power Luffy has, just a plot element that he can use when the story requires.
Imagine actually typing out this nonsense. “Incompatible with Luffy’s character” and that it’s not going to be a permanent power. And in the same quote where you say that Marco isn’t stronger than Zoro.

Don’t quote me unless you have something reasonable to say, that isn’t your usual nonsense fanboy drivel.
No it doesn't
Base Luffy is trash.
Nobody denies Ulti will push g2 and g3 to mid/high diff.

But Luffy needs g4 coz g3 alone is slow and it only changes his arm not whole body. So pointless to use g3 if you still grabbed
Ndule, do you realise that you talking shit about Base Luffy is dehyping Kata as well?

Katakuri was matched by a weaker Base Luffy than we have now on several occasions, does that mean Ulti is a beast, Luffy is weak or Kata is just trash?

Which one?
Luffy does NOT need G4 to fuck up Ulti, he just needed the quick expansion to break her grip.

If Luffy had used Elephant Gattling at any point in this scuffle they would have both ate shit, no cap.

If he planned to finish her with G4, it just means that's how quickly he wants to end the fight, not that its required to beat her. He ain't here to play no games
Translating this goat moment. They told Zoro about their dream to be the pirate king mean they thought Zoro is a captain and aimed to be one too (Enies Lobby 2.0)

His strength is so goat that people thought he is a captain. :cheers:

Zoro gained the respect of gifters

Goat moment and people really have the audacity to disrespect grandmaster
- Sanji: I won't give up on finding prostitutes
- Nami: What did he even come here to?! That guy!!
- Anyways, we have to run away and search for Momonosuke-sama
- Big Mom: Here, old umbrella, old geta I'll give you life, just follow me.
Yo I literally cried with this Sanji panel, for real lmao :gokulaugh:
I never had such a good laugh at Sanji's gag since the Timeskip that was just pure gold lmao


The Honoured One
Zoro doesn´t really look bad, I protect back then Sanji too when he carry Luffy in end of WCi, where he face many ministers at once, he was protectless too, yet people hate/bash Sanji for over one year for that performance, who wasn´t really bad.
The same can say now too, these characters aren´t fodders, Zoro make it clear, Kid make it clear and also Luffy make it clear. They are individually strong and if we add the numbers they are a really strong force, Zoro in otherway need to save his stamina for the later battle against Kaido and his calamity, he can´t go all out.
I already hate the bash against Sanji back then and I hate the bash for Zoro right now, but it seems like that is the regular fandom battle between two sides, so...
It's pretty good banter tho, no?
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I get your point. And I value this interpretation. It's better than what most Sanji fans give me, but I still find it displeasing to read Sanji acting in such a contradictory way because Sanji is extremely idealistic and passionate.

Sanji does not even use his hands to fight, because he is passionate about cooking and they are only for cooking.
Sanji does not hit women even if it means death, because Zeff taught him not to.
Sanji does not go against his word.

But then he does. When he's being a pervert.
He gets extremely angry at Absalom for doing perversive things and harrassing Nami but then... he does very similar things down the line (not the same, but similar). That's contradictory. That goes against his code.
And that same contradictory shit with Absalom had me dying from laughter... I guess you're right about the part that he has some contradictory feature
But this happens in all our life man... people as I stated before, they sometimes say something, and they do something different

For me at least, I enjoy and welcome those flavors.... I get that some people hate him for being that... but that's the same reason I like him

The whole ordeal with Sanji/Absalom... it was just an outstanding dynamic... which made SO MANY people like Absalom

I can even tell you something he did before contradictory with Mr.2 Bon Clay, when he said "People are heart"... NEXT SCENE after that, he was simping over the nami impersonation hahaha

what I'm saying is... these things I enjoy, I can get your point that you hate it... it's just there is nothing that can please everybody... that's why people have different taste in character and what they enjoy

Sidenote: Sanji's opponents may really be goofy sometimes, but honestly they are likeable as fuck

I have the same scenario of Sanji/Absalom with Sanji/Drake LOL, they will clash and have breaks simping over women left and right LMAO
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Dude, I’ve struggled with this for literal years and each time Sanji’s fanboys get angrier at me. He could try what Absalom tried, a person btw that he is no longer that far off from given his actions following the timeskip, and his rabid fanboys would still try to defend it. I remember the conversations over on OJ after the Wano bathhouse scene and how cringey and fabricated the justifications were then. They’ll never admit fault on it.

There’s not a proper way to describe just how much all of this is cringe, and how it gets worse with each consecutive post.

Lmao right, blame all of Sanji’s deficiencies on Nami. Especially when they’re not even together that often and his worst moments have occured away from her (worst in terms of feats, because he’s been awful personality wise around her for a long time).
Insecure LOL
Marco caught by vice admiral
Katakuri caught by g3
King got trashtalked by flying six and needs Kaido name to summon them....

I don't see any difference....
Katakuri was dominating Luffy the whole fight and only lost because of plot armor

King almost killed Bm and her crew

Marco soloed the bmp too:josad:

Luffy gets whooped by Apoo and needed g4 against a f6:kata:
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