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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Fallen Prince

I am looking at lurking legend plot oda has hint us back . Its also possible there is an angle of scenrio Yamato might actually be the "lurking legend " .

I am looking at Rock's angle to yamato ? Still its weird to have oda propping an ally in middle of an arc and that's kaido ' son . Ya i know its mad theory since technically he is chained or restrained by seastones .

However lets be on guard , this whole thing can be setup by kaido as well he knows luffy was on the way to onigashima and coincidentally his son disappeared . Was it on purpose ? Who let him escape ?


He did a number on Luffy but well, grandmaster tanked his wound n saved Luffy. Durability >>>>

Goat!! Goat!! Goat!! :finally::finally::finally:
- Luffy took the stronger attack and is currently fighting two Ancient Zoans.

- Kidd took the same attack and he isnt huffing and puffing like Zoro

- Zoro crying against Smile users lmao.
Luffy still fails to use his FS properly like Katakuri did.

Its Odas decision obviously. But at this stage any character who lacks rapid speed shouldnt even be able to land a single hit on Luffy.
What happen was Luffy use a slow ass attack in G3 to try to 1 hit Page 1, but Ulti took advantage of that. Earlier in the chapter base Luffy blitz her. Also Katakuri isn't invincible and BM doesn't have FS. Are you saying she will never hit him? If Luffy would of used G2 he would make them look even slower, but they would just get right up, but he went for a G3 to finish the job, which gave ulti a opening to grab him.
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Zoro fans: Zoro will defeat Kaido.

Oda: Lol no he wont.

Zoro fans: But...but..Colourspreadss......Ryumaaa:josad:

Rest of the Op fandom: :usoprice:
Didn't Luffy get wrecked by Apoo.
Zoro fans: Zoro will defeat Kaido.

Oda: Lol no he wont.

Zoro fans: But...but..Colourspreadss......Ryumaaa:josad:

Rest of the Op fandom: :usoprice:
Well i don't know if you saw the zoro's page.
The gifters are talking again about Kaido to Zoro when basically he doesn't care Kaido. "You should follow him", "come with us", "kaido, kaido" etc.

Recently there is more and more speech about kaido when zoro is involved.
Here's a general list of the things I think Yamato is/isn't:

- He's the son of Kaido and Big Mom. I say this because Kaido is reserving an announcement regarding Yamato that only "makes sense" after the alliance with BM is announced. He withheld telling the F6 about it because it would only "confuse them". If Yamato is "central" to a major announcement, there are VERY few things that would make it a major announcement at an alliance party. I doubt its a wedding, because the BMP aren't even at Onigashima and it looks like BM hasn't even thought to arrange a marriage in advance. On top of this, he wears a mask. Why would Yamato wear a mask when everyone knows who he is on the beast pirate side? Its not like Kaido hides the identity of this son, so then why? My guess is he doesn't want to encounter BM, she might recognize him. The face won't be all that shocking to us, but to Linlin, it will be.

- Yamato is NOT Oden. They both seem to share some mannerisms (both waiting for great pirates to enter Wano), but Yamato has been called young repeatedly, and he very clearly does not have the same muscular build as Oden (or hairstyle for that matter)

- Yamato knew Ace. I know @Fallen Prince disagrees with the above that BM is his mother (not the Oden bit), but I think we agree on this point. Being resident to an isolated country, somehow Yamato knows Luffy and has been waiting for him for a "long time". To me, there are only 2 points where this would have made sense (unless Yamato has access to news). The first would have been when Ace visited Wano 4 years ago (Luffy was not yet a pirate). He heard about Luffy and Ace may have told him that him and Luffy has similar ideals (whatever they are), so he should wait for Luffy to visit the island. The 2nd is when Ace died. Kaido wanted to do something at that war, either kill WB or assist him in taking down the Marines (we don't know what Shanks's motivations were either).

- Yamato is the self proclaimed "Ace" of the beasts pirates. Possibly in relevance to Ace's death, Yamato adopted the name "Ace" considering the structure of his crew. Perhaps the All-Stars don't take it seriously. If not him, then the "Ace" exists separately.

- Yamato is the next Strawhat after Jinbe/Carrot. Unique fighting style (so far), extremely strong, personal interactions with the main character about wanting to meet him. 1 chapter and Yamato is on track to being extremely important to Luffy and his crew. He might have ideals/dreams that wont be resolved unless he can leave Wano. I won't get into the Carrot arguments, but I sincerely think Oda is building Yamato to be the 11th or 12th crew member. We'll see how the next few chapters go with him.

Yes yes, you can shit on these guesses/theories, but I think right here is what potentially makes Yamato interesting enough to become one of Luffy's final Nakama. No guesses on his powers yet besides his monstrous strength that he clearly has (kind of hope its a weird logia since we already have Chopper and it would be cool if he broke the "zoan" rule of the beasts pirates). No, I don't think there is a silly name pattern going on that people make up (example: Oda naming Carrot and because her and Chopper share "C", she can't be a crew member lmao).
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