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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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So no answer you got clowned again after your headcanon of sanji making P1 bleeding or Kidd no he isn't huffing he just made it like that while one is fighting gifters other trashes are huffing against Normal soldiers ☺
Can you acc phrase your sentences into something that is readable. You expect a reply but you dont even make sense.
Im telling you what happened.
You told:
"Zoro already dodged the sneak from gyukimaru which left him open.
Akainu wb kuzan marco jozu etc were all hit with distractions "

This does not answer my question, I'm asking for a panel where Killer or Gyukimaru are trying to attack Hiyori while they are engaged with Zolo in a combat
Lmao yesterday you said Ulti and Pageone where low diff material, you hyping up Luffy for a whole new lvl and now you say the different thing, without admitted that you was totally wrong with your powerlvl scale to the Flyers:
Luffy in any form could fodderize Ulti.
Brah, Luffy has Top Tier Haki. Base or no base, they ain't beating him.

"Base" Luffy has:

(1) Top Tier Armament Haki

(2) Top Tier Observation Haki

(3) High Tier Endurance

Tobi Roppo can't beat ANY form of Luffy.
One of the best quote:
Dude, Luffy is headbutting someone in base form...Wtf is that? Forget Gear 4, he's not even using Gear 2/3.

This happen when you underestimate other characters, putting your beloved Doffy to admiral lvl, saying he beeing special because Luffy need G4 for him, coming out that Ulti force Luffy far faster into G4 then Doffy could do.

I warn you manytimes to stop underestimated the Flyers, already back then with Pageone when you put him with someone as Vergo.
Ulti debunk everything which you post in the past and im glad that you get debunk so hard.
Stop giving the fault to Luffy haki, his haki is multiple times above your beloved Doflamingo, Luffy haki will be able soon to hurt a Yonkou, the current Luffy is league above his Dressrosa version. It simple show again that your powerscaling lake in taking the fact that characters get stronger in each new arc and that we also get new characters who getting stronger and stronger, the niveau in Wano is at high lvl. And your arguments in Doffy vs King fall apart too, King would murder him...
Spoiler alert:
Prepare for the weekend of many Flying six battle vs Doffy :cheers:


Symbol of Despair
Again what i write is what it is proved in the panel not your delusion one complained and one is huffing and around them normal soldiers 😌
Learn to pronounce

gerund or present participle: huffing
  1. 1.
    blow out air loudly on account of exertion.
    "he was huffing under a heavy load"

Zoro - " Haaaaah.......Haaaah".

Kid - *nothing*

Yh carry on with your delusion:gokulaugh:
Stop lmao Sanji kicks enhanced with rs didn't make P1 bleeding in Zoan form while gear 3 with basic Coa did that .
Gear 3 with basic Coa >>> basic Kicks enhanced with rs .
Rs doesn’t enhance his kicks.
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For sure, the kicks of the RS with diable jambe will probably be close to the gear4 in power. I hope he doesn't use that shit
Rs doesn’t enhance his kicks


Symbol of Despair
Man, i'm not Oda so i don't know what he has in mind but do you know chinese and vietnamese zodiac are pretty much the same ? In chinese, there is the rabbit and vietnamese there is the cat. So we could argue that SH are inspired also from vietnamese zodiac.
Jinbe's a pig cause he looks like one:seriously:
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