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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Luffy didn't use Pentratation Haki and you can overpower someone with better Haki. She just has a harder head than Luffy doesn't mean she has better Haki.
I'm not necessarily saying Ulti's hardening > Luffy's hardening. But if Luffy's hardening was good enough, it should prevent such stuff.

But this is why I'm anti Zenkai boost. It's clear Luffy's hardening hasn't improved at all since FI

Oda's "Haki gets better against strong opponents" schtick is just a plot tool he brings out whenever he thinks it's relevant.
Point is pica saw what zoro did to him and his golem and still believed that doesn't automatically mean zoro had stronger haki.
And pica was wrong about all of it.

He was wrong about his own power and Zoro's power

Because he couldn't even tell that he himself would've DIED if Zoro used the same movie on his actual body

None of these things are facts when we know he was wrong
Perospero just fucking rolling up to Onigashima is honestly hilarious and cool at the same time. Like I have no doubts he could sweep through the fodder like Kanjuro did but he's about to walk into world war 3.
Still doesn't change the fact that it's ridiculous for him to be alone without his siblings. And that if Oda wanted it he and his siblings could have reached Wano or Onigashima a long time ago without needing the carps to cross the waterfall.
"He was protecting tama and hiyori"

This argument always pops up and yet no one was attacking them. Can you show where Killer or Gyukimaru were going for Hiyori and Tama while they were in combat vs Zolo?
Well,if the intention of capturing that little girl that was clearly stated when kamazou showed up was not enough,then i don't know what is.Both time he fought was because he wished to protect them.
While hawkin did not deliberately attack tama,there were no way he would have dodge and let luffy shield tama when zoro said he'd handle hawkins.

BuT tHe ToBi RoPpO aRe FoDdeR.

@Buusatan94, @Kejon, @Shiroyru, @Jo_Ndule
Where are my Big Mom Pirate wankers at?

Luffy was about to resort to G4 in a much shorter time against Ulti than he did against Cracker. And this wasn't because he was pressured for time or anything. He straight up said "such strong power". This means Luffy was acknowledging that Ulti was simply too strong to be beaten without G4.

The portrayal is clear, Ulti > G2/G3 Luffy with FS and ACOA.

Goddamn, I'm going to have so much fan when the chapter comes out.

But damn, even for me this is too much trolling.

@Admiral Lee Hung, @TheAncientCenturion, @silverfire: what do you think this says about One Piece powerscaling?
At the end of the WCI, Luffy was >=YC1.
By the end of Wano, he’ll be yonko level.

Currently he’s about YC4. It’s par for the course for the beginning of the arc shenanigans.

Once he faces kaido or big mom, he’ll magically jump back past YC1.
@Luffy is the mc: hey, at least Luffy's FS is working. He saw that Ulti was about to KO him and he needed G4 to escape.

@Veku I'm very sorry, just after you went through so much work to show that Luffy is a top tier, Oda trolls him like this.

Well executed female antagonists are the exception not the rule. Till date, there has only been Monet. Not getting your hopes in Ulti up was only sensible, Oda would have probably disappointed (and he still can).
don't worry in no time you will take your words back..while you are at it might as well worry about Zoro too....
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