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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Cool but we saw her get take down but not page one
She got hit by Luffy and Yamato, who from his feat of knocking Ulti out in her zoan form, is atleast Jack level, probably higher. Luffy said he needed gear fourth for her, while he swatted Page One aside. Ulti treats Page One as weaker than her also. You can’t disregard those.
Also, powerlevels aside, and logical writing aside, I'm actually happy to see Luffy throwing hands and clashing with a female... same with Yamato fucking her up

It's really been a while to see Oda make a decent looking woman get fucked by an attack from MALES from the good guys side

Here we see, Luffy and Ulti throw hands really nicely, and eventually Yamato thunder bagua that woman fucking her up

It's Been really long time for that
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