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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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G3+ Haki and Sanjis Diable Jambe attacks are definitely on par bruh....They both Mastered those forms, against the kraken luffy uses gear 3 + haki, sanji uses diable jambe grill shot, and then against big mom, gear 3 +haki and diable jambe crosse.
So gear 3 = No named non haki one sword slash from Zoro's weakest sword right?

Luffy need g3 + haki to push Fujitora.

Zoro only need no named non haki one sword slash + with his weakest sword to push Fujitora. :cheers:

Zoro is Goat. :finally:
Yonji isn't on luffy's level NOT EVEN CLOSE. Sanji off-screened him. so how does a simple CLASH between the two prove anything about daifuku and ulti?
The first pinned down Daifuku Genie as it was nothing, Sanji himself face Daifuku and Pageone, the result he do it very well against both. He block Daifuku Genie as it was nothing yet get send flying when Pageone just use one simple attack. Sanji had a powerup against Pageone, yet we don't know how the fight end. This time again, we don't know if Pageone and Ulti are complete down, but both play in same lvl as Daifuku for sure.

Blocking an attck? that means nothing lol. Chopper was able to block big moms attack. I guess by youre logic chopper is yonkou level.
this is the problem with using simple Blocks or clashes in power scaling...it doesn't work.
like I said
It does, Sanji is the perfect example, he face three Vet lvl Character, one was hurt badly just by a base kick, the other get blocked and couldn't do anything and the last send Sanji across the city. Do the math and don't play here around, it is clear that these guys on the same lvl.

NAMI DOESNT NEED REACTION SPEED. that's not how she fights. she didn't use it in the fight with kaulifa using (soru) she had mirage tempo to counterit.
In this fight she need it, one clear attack of Ulti could knock her down, she just have zeus as attack power and we don't know what gonna happen to Zeus soon because of Big mom. For sure Nami don't have any backup feat to put her to a 1on1 against a flyer.

no they are NOT the only characters to force luffy into G4...are you foprgetting when luffy went g4 to punch a bunch of fodders on a ship?
Do the ship force Luffy to use G4? I know you coming up with this argument who literally show that you lack in knowledge about One piece. Luffy use G4 against the ship because to beeing the best on of the prestige duell with Kid and Law,it wasn't even a battle. Here against Pageone and Ulti we speak about a real battle, where Luffy was force to use G4. And as I count the only character who force him to use G4 are Doflamingo,Cracker,Katakuri,Bigmom and Kaido. It literally shows you that Luffy only use G4 against serious enemies.

no...that's just youre headcannon, you don't know for a FACt that Big Mom uses it different than nami..stop it with the guessing. All we know is nami has a yonkou weapon. that's it.
Lmao are you joking right now? Just read the manga and don't come with your headcanon. Big mom use Zeus in botj close and range combat, she literally one shot Judge via using her hand and zeus, Nami only use Zeus yet via range attack. Or do you want to tell me that Nami with zeus has the same attackpower as Big mom with zeus lol?

Ulti was not fighting luffy ALONE. If pageone wasn't there then luffy wouldn't have been forced into g4.
if were're talking BOTH Robin and Franky vs luffy the yes I could see them forcing luffy into G4. You're saying robin couldn't pin luffy down like ulti did if it was a 2 v 1 franky and robin?
Pageone didn't do much outside of little hold Luffy,in the case it didn't chance the fact that Ulti has enough power to force Luffy to G4, the is the most important information which we need. Oda make it clear that Luffy would need G4, otherwise he wouldn't let say Luffy something like this.

Do you know how Luffy vs Franky and Robin would end right now if we judge by feats, easy low diff Material, they could at best force him to use G2/G3 and that isn't even clear. Franky and Usopp shit their pants in front of Pageone and where shocked when Sanji get send flying across the city.

And I ask you again:
Ulti is in same ballpark as xDrake, she force fucking Luffy to use G4, she overbreak his CoA with her own CoA. She play of course in that league, you are simple a Nami fanboy and a Ulti hater if you think that Ulti don't play in same league as xDrake and co. She already have better physical and haki feat then Doffy, what has Nami and Robin?

Do you think Robin alone could give xDrake or other supernova a good fight? We speak of Nami who get easily caught by Galetta, Chopper who defeated twice by a veteran easily, Brook who low against Pero very easily and had problems against Sheephead someone who is leagues under Ulti feats.

Had a very strong haki, can make even explosions just by use her headattack already in base form. Fodder beast pirates that the castle wouldn't stand if she use her attack in zoan form. She was fast enough to caught Fs Luffy.
She force him to G4...

The flyers fight until then only against high tiers. Beeing hyped up by both Oda and Kaido, getting the chance to fight off a calamity. They hype jump up at a new lvl. They are very close to YC, character who could one shot Nami and Robin easily.

Sry but I can't see a Nami vs Ulti 1om1 battle, Oda simple fail to portrayal the other strawhats good enough.

Fallen Prince

Its just basically luffy doing an elephant gun to Pay-Pay, and then ulti caught him off guard.

So yes, for now we didnt see Luffy one shotting Page One.
I didnt see page one fall to the ground it happened so fast when ulti got him.

We can certainly say yamato gave ulti a knock out blow .
So gear 3 = No named non haki one sword slash from Zoro's weakest sword right?

Luffy need g3 + haki to push Fujitora.

Zoro only need no named non haki one sword slash + with his weakest sword to push Fujitora. :cheers:

Zoro is Goat. :finally:
Zoro used Advanced Armament flow haki to do that which requires no pysical exertion while Luffy only use basic haki to do that.
So gear 3 = No named non haki one sword slash from Zoro's weakest sword right?

Luffy need g3 + haki to push Fujitora.

Zoro only need no named non haki one sword slash + with his weakest sword to push Fujitora. :cheers:

Zoro is Goat. :finally:
Its hard to really compare blunt attacks to cutting attacks honestly, Zoro literally uses a blade, the attack power from a blade should be higher than blunt strikes in general. Thats why I used luffy and sanji and not Zoro. But Even if someone has a blade in one piece that doesnt determine the outcome of a fight.
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