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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Fallen Prince

Last few months, so many people already complaining how Bege's cover story is already so uninteresting and the worst and dragged cover story ever in the OP history.

But props to Oda to do the impossible and surpass the lowest limit, by bringing Pound back in same cover story.
I get the feeling there will be tragedy incoming , i do not believe for a second oda will give a happy ending especially family reunion in one piece ends in sad tragedy.
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There's no way her bounty is that high and she is nowhere near Cracker's level, if you said her bounty was around 400-600 then maybe.
Maybe if ulti is worth the hype , i really want strong female in series ulti definately is worth the hype.
Give mercy pls, in act 3 (post Oden Piece) alone there are already so much damages:
- mysterious Kyoshiro turns into Kinemon fanboy
- "raging" Denjiro is too soft to injure, let alone kill Sasaki
- Jinbe coming back to Wano, healthy and all
- more of Sanji's useless perverted gag, this time looking for hoes and thinking with his dick compared to good old Mr. Prince's brain
- the truth of Marco's message
- Big Mom got stalled by Usopp and Chopper and Carrot straightly acting "whatever" right after seeing the poor Yonko
- Meanwhile her crew got meme-ed again by failing to climb waterfall and fall in similar way with their first failure
- Marco saying Whitebeard Pirates never knew Kaido is in Wano
- Pound is coming back in cover story

and the list will keep going longer by every new chapter


Pepebusi Spammer
Looking at the power gap ulti is def way stronger than page one for luffy to eventually use gear 4 on her.
She could easily be around 800 million bounty around crackers powerlevel.
Why we keep doing this.:smoothy:

The only thing i see why Luffy gonna use Gear 4 is because Ulti's grip is so strong.

If he really goes Gear Fourth, its gonna be low diff fight for Luffy. Remember, he need to keep his stamina for fighting Kaido later in the arc. So he just dont want to wasting time and energy.
honestly the fact that i see most people dont even bother to talk about that cover story anymore speaks volume how we are really done with it. Not even gonna waste my time trying to make sense out of this bullshit.
The cover story seemed like it was going to be interesting at first, and in the beginning it was going well. However after Bege and his crew went to Dressrosa that's when things went downhill, and finally Pound being shown alive pretty much ruined the cover story.
yeah kaido also got white eyed at the end of chapter 922 and people were going crazy after that. Some even said there's blood splurting out of his mouth. Turns out he was fine. Ulti could be totally done after that attack, but she could also recover from that. We dont know yet. Also, few chapters ago we got the same white-eyed panel from Luffy, yet we knew he recovered from that.
Besides, lets not act this attack is not the same attack that put Luffy down gracefully. You could argue Yamato isnt Kaido of course, but then again, what do we know about Yamato's PL? dude could literally be stronger than people we thought are surely above him. Kaido himself must trained him HARD, that is he was able to use that technique in the first place.
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