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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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Guys, do you know what Yamato taking Luffy means?
I assume Yamato has a sicret place when he can hide and no one can find him which means that Luffy will disappear for quite some time (especially if my prediction of Yamato wanting to fight Luffy after hearing that he defeated Katakuri is true) that means that the alliance might get defeated whiteout Luffy which will allow Momonoske have his leadership shown with Luffy's absence and then Luffy will arrive stronger and save Momo just like he promised.


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The question is, are the others with him?
If not I can see the reason why oda split him up with the rest for one point, he get a fight soon...
Either he winning off or he get defeated too, otherwise it doesn´t make sense for Oda to splitt Pero up with the rest of the crew, it would mean he has a plan with Perospero.
My problem here is that this probably means he wants Pero to be...defeated in some way or another. Him arriving on Wano all by himself means it could lead to his downfall..Perospero is a really good character and I want him to be defeated in a respectful way.
:steef:if Ulti after getting hit, reverts back to human form then she lost.

I've been saying it
Kaido>= BM
Kata > Yamato
Smoothie >= King
Cracker > Queen
Pero ~< Jack
Snack > WhoWho
Oven ~ Sasaki
Daifuku =< Drake >~ P1
Compote ~ Black Maria/Ulti

Before anyone says "Jack is way above Pero"
Base NEKO was prorated above Capone and he stalemated Base Jack
Guess what? Pero was shown superior to Big Father Capone.
Pero can restrain Jack with candy
I think Jack=Snack is correct version.
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