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Who Is Luffy’s Right Hand Man?

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갤러들에게 미안한데 이번 주까지만 내일이나 모레 사이에
추가 이미지 제공자에게 더 얻게 되면 그건 올리고 담주부터는 글 스포만 올릴게.

@djiayebee can you TL?

- source Spoiler Provider Wonbergal

(its not a spoiler directly but about what and when he can post again)
He is saying that for this week alone if gets spoiler pictures from the providers he will be posting them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but from next week onward, he will be only posting text spoilers.
Yeah the chance of Pero get defeated in Onigashima is high if he is really alone, otherwise it doesn´t would make sense to let him alone to ride to Onigashima. I really hope Carrot isn´t the one who take him out, even with Sulong I don´t want see a neg diff opponent to take fight on Pero. If Pero really get defeated soon, I hope he get at least a good/great fight.^^
Kind of along the lines of the thread I made a few days ago, I can see some of the crew from both BM/Kaido get defeated at Onigashima, while the rest on Mainland Wano.

What is interesting is that since its just Pero, it could mean the rest of BMs crew actually takes the secret entrance to Hakumai, which could potentially suggest the fighting continuing there eventually
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