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Great chapter. Oh hey Pound, I see Oven gave you a nice shave and a warm belly rub before sending you out to meet the kids.

Perospero being kind of a dick atm. He could have given the rest of his crew a candy lift up the waterfall, but it looks like he's playing solo avenger right now. He's entering an enemy Yonko territory by himself with eyes on King, Marco or Luffy. I can only assume Perospero must finally be tired of all the crap and wants to join his buddy Pedro.

When Big Mom's own soul is terrified of her and prefers to help her enemy. Ouch. Big Mom came to Wano to retrieve Luffy's head and Zeus, now she finally found Zeus. Surprising to see Big Mom creating junk homies not using other people's souls but her own. An old woman like her doesn't many years left to give. The kunoichi girls had a chance against Prometheus, not anymore with Big Mom there. Sanji my boy, the biggest prostitute in Wano is Big Mom. If Sanji doesn't show up, our only hope is that the Brachio tank can deliver another Brachio Bomber and return her to O-Lin.

Brother Orochi is ready to crucify Momo for Wano's sins. Anybody around to save him? The Supernovas are over in Kaido's castle. Sanji and the weak trio dealing with Big Mom. Samurai are still gathering around the back. Marco and the crew are far away in Kuri. Heat's group seperated from Killer and they are, quite frankly, not saving a child. Jinbe, Robin, Franky, Brook and mystery stalker, now is your time to shine!

Ulti is a Pachycephalosaurus and I love it. Obtuse and headstong, her first instinct is to headbutt explode every enemy she sees forgetting to even activate her DF. Credit to her for switching to full power against Luffy right away. Ulti has a unique Hybrid form design compared to previous Zoan girls in that she gets to keep her girly figure but also gains a longer neck, longer legs, longer arms with big feet and claws, a long tail and some head spikes. It's an excellent form for all-around physical combat, but ironically not that good for her headbutting specialty. I think the point of cycling through this was Oda assuring Ultifans she won't be completely ugly as a dino. We see Ulti's Beast form at the end which is a standard Pachy with hair and a mask, a cute almost mascot-like dino. That's the form that holds down Luffy with her enormous claws and gets clobbered by Yamato. She almost forced Luffy into Gear 4th so all in all more than what I expected. The most surprising, albeit rather dissapointing, thing was how irrelevant Page One was in all this. Not even good enough to cooperate with his sister. I see why Ulti rides on top.

Yamato enters the stage Thunder Clapping an Ancient Zoan....what a monster. That's what everyone pictured when they first heard "son of Kaido". It's overkill if he's hiding a Devil Fruit like Kaido's Mythical Zoan on top of all this. I have to question why King and Kaido thought the Tobi Roppo would be enough to capture this kid, even more why any of them accepted the challenge. Let's say Who's Who is stronger than full power Yamato, he's still getting a tough fight subduing this beast and on top of that he needs to be in good enough shape to defeat King, Queen or Jack afterwards. Outrageous. Put me in the Black Maria club, it should be King and Jack looking for this guy. My reasoning is that Yamato is normally non-violent and lets himself get caught after a little chase, the F6 are good enough to chase him on foot. But with Luffy in Onigashima circumstances have changed -- Yamato will do everything in his power to escape that hellhole or fight back.

I don't even know where to begin with Yamato's identity. Dressed in Oden cosplay with a hanya mask he's been waiting for a man like Luffy. He looks like an adult due to his size, wrinkled fingers and honed clubbing technique but by Kaido's standards this could still be a child. The hair, beard, and outfit could all be a redherring he throws away next chapter. Maybe he became Oden's #1 fanboy after seeing his execution. Maybe it's brainwashed old man Oden somehow back from the grave. Toki's third child. The Ace of Kaido's crew who learned about Luffy through Ace 4 years ago. There's a dozen different ways for this character to go. Should he join the alliance, they gain a fairly powerful ally but there's no way he fights anyone other than Kaido himself. Should he join the Strawhats...? Let's just put that topic aside for now.

Chapter 984 should be the last one of the volume, unless it's another rare 9 chapter volume ending here. I expect the big reveal to be Yamato's unmasked appearance, maybe his goals and motivations. I can't forget Momo's hanging in a cross right now. Given what Oda's been dropping recently with Marco and Yamato, it should be a hype one.
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Men it feel so fresh to see female character strong and without joking around. Pageone even ask why Ulti transform into her hybird form, she directly know that Luffy was a big tier and she need to use her full power. She even little sweat which show again how strong Luffy is.

Ulti confirmed to have CoO and CoA overall in this chapter. Both Luffy and Ulti beeing for me the mvp of this chapter.
it’s seems everybody is splitting up even more that means we will get eneis lobby like fights not marineford basically every strong fighter split from his group sanji zoro luffy and kid are all on there own

perospero is the goat i always thought putting him with rest of the vets is an understatement

i’m indifferent about yamato i’ll need to see him more

i’m surprised ulti transformed instantly into hybrid
Quick powerlevel speculation

Ulti showed off some great feats, proving her worth as a tobi roppo
  • clashing on par with Luffy's CoA(note that luffy did underestimate her and wasn't using his advanced barrier haki)
  • sending Luffy flying in her base form
  • being strong enough to push Luffy to gear 4th
overall she's pretty decent. I'd easily rank her above page one. She's easily a 400-500 mil pirate.

However Yamato is who i'm really interested in. Given that its now confirmed that he isn't a gag character and is actually strong, I think he could honestly be on par with current luffy. I mean the man was able to 1 shot a tobi roppo, which is more than what sanji can say. This alone should put him easily on YC level. Jack was able to take on inuarashi and fight him for days. I'd put inuarashi on tobi roppo level and hence I'd say that from that feat alone, Yamato should be YC2-YC1. However if he has a DF, especially if its an overpowered one, he could easily be low top tier.
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