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Correct me if I'm wrong, but did we know the presence of haki can be sensed
Blackbeard was sensing Luffy's haki pre time skip remember
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zolo fighting bunch of fodders and already panting and complaining unlike Kidd
Kid is panting and killer is complaining about the number of guys. And they are together
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I think it's okay for Luffy to get beaten by a subordinate this early; but I really think Page One and Ulti get defeated by the animal siblings of the Straw and Carrot) brother and sister vs brother and sister in a 2 v 1, Nami fights against Black Maria, Franky and Robin vs Sasaki and Who's Who, Brook vs Apoo (musicians fight), Jinbei vs X-Drake and Usopp, Sanji and Zoro vs Jack, Queen and King
well....nice chapter....

while Ulti is MVP, in my eyes Luffy is also MVP of this chapter....

let us talk about Ulti and Luffy together:

Ulti is "loyal" to Kaido and proclaims that he will become Pirate King. Oda subtly hinting that even Yonkos are aiming to become PK.

Luffy predicted the headbutt coming and went ahead to headbutt her (so typical of him) like he did with minks. Only difference is Ulti head butt is stronger and even fodders gave damn hype to her headbutt style of fighting

Then instantly Ulti and even Page one recognized that Luffy is a real deal (something didn't happen for long time that someone other than main villain taking Luffy seriously). Then both transformed. On the other hand, Ulti can sense someone haki which suggests that she is proficient in CoO and probably it also means her animal instincts. She is Zoan afterall.

Now that attack affected Luffy which indicates her strong CoA. And he said that he underestimated her which is a testament of her strength. He even acknowledged that he is going against emperor forces which gives an idea about how strong Yonko and their forces are again which kinda brings the much needed tension in this war. There are some competent fighters that can give trouble to commander level fighters. So it ain't gonna be cakewalk for commander level guys like Zoro/Sanji/Kidd/Dukes/Kyoshiro/Jimbei/Marco etc.

Now big question is what happened to Page one? going by Ulti words it is momentary KO but who knows. Either way it doesn't matter as he is gonna come later to fight. He is Zoan afterall.

Luffy said G4 to need to get out of grip. Luffy going to G4. While it means that Ulti is strong, it also indicates few things

1) Luffy going G4 is similar to using G4 to get out of parasite as his body expands.
2) Luffy can spam G4 without any issues and could probably have new powerup which uses adCoA.
3) Using G4 he can do a quick work against Ulti and get away from there. Many things

Either way I don't mind that he was about to go G4.

So, all in all Oda did a clean job without damaging portrayal of both the fighters. More importantly Ulti portrayal came out of syllabus.

On other things, BigMom looking perfectly fine and not like how she was when she chased SHS. This is a good sign for her and her fans. Hopefully Oda redeem her and Smoothie and show us what they can do.

Gifters are trash in 1 vs 1 but as a group of people, they are troublesome people and they can give some trouble to guys like Zoro and Kidd. It is better that way, atleast they were not completely trash.

Sanji definitely gets Mr. Prince moment. Don't jump on him yet.

Where is Jinbei and Robin?

I won't judge the powerlevel of Yamato yet but at present he is looking like a decent fighter.

Overall superb chapter 4/5

cons: Bege cover story ruined the chapter a liitle bit. Pund being alive is a bitter pill to swallow.
So Yamato wasn't asking the fodders not to hurt him,but was speaking directly to luffy ? This could mean he doesn't feel himself inferior to Luffy,and frankly after seeing his display against a distracted Ulti,i doubt he is any weaker than Luffy right now.
Lol at page 1,that guy is the ultimate hype tool.
Zoro against elite gifters was pretty awesome especially his pose with the Sword on his shoulder.
Queen calls Orochi brother like he did with.....Apoo which means it is just his way of calling his non fodder colleagues.
I wonder where is Sanji at and what are Franky,Brook,Jinbei and Robin doing.
Overall great chapter,much better than last week.
The guy is a legit monster compared to the useless Smoothicc, he's like next in the line after Katakuri, he keeps surprising us with how competent he is both back in WCI and here in Wano
That girl you made sweet commander, is nothing but a meme, a joke like her Captain, the only thing that she got so far that we like, is her thiccness!
Aside from that, Ulti looks really capable as hell
she got taken down by the same moves that Kaido used to destroy Luffy
Sad that we didn't get her and Page One's bounty but oh well
It seems like Yamato is also a monster
Kinda hope he's on the Calamities level in term of power
I wonder if he have a bounty on his head as well

I almost forgot, but I'll say it again in here
How the hell did Pound manage to survive?!
That's not actually a corpse and He's alive and looks okay and this means that he managed to escape and steal a boat successfully on his own
Really Oda? How incompetent do you want to make Big Mom Crew ffs?!
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