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Who will Yamato-Chan fight?

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Stop with that headcanon

It took whole night and YEARS of preparation for Doffy to take over Dressrosa, a country of pacifists.

Yet apparently it only takes him 30 mins to conquer Zou, a country of Natural Born Warriors?
Another blind fool has shown up. Doffy was literally killing all of Dressrissa passively under 10 mins. Begone comedian.


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Seems like Kaido even lied about Yamato to the beast pirates. (Except the OG's like King,Queen,and Jack)

Oden's execution was 20 years ago, and looks like Yamato already seeing him in "Legendary Hour".

So, my assumptions is she might be already 30+ years old.:catrude:
First of all, it seems like Pageone and Ulti are still good and chasing Luffy and Yamato soon.
And now the most important part, Ulti says that Pageone having Thunder 4 Trigrams too!!!
Which means he learn the move of Kaido and having probably thunder power!!!!!! @MonsterZoro

It seems like each Flyers,Calamity and Kaido having a own element:
No, he means Yamato, she's saying that if Kaidou is 8 Yamato is 4. I should change that sentence to make it look like it was to Yamato i guess
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