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Who will Yamato-Chan fight?

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Why niji comparasion when both of them fought Page One and the result is clear?

Sanji's powered up 20 RS kick = can't knocked out page one, can't made page one spit blood. Page One was safe and sound like nothing happened.

Luffy single handedly one punch knocked out page one with a gear third that he pull out without even stretching his hand. P1 only come back to his sense after Luffy and Yamato escaped.

One gear third = 20 kick of RS >>> Pre RS Sanji :cheers:
Luffy gear 3 = 20 Sanji rs kick
Jack was put in bandages by 1 shot from Ashura Doji...

How the fuck do you "low diff" someone for 11 hours? Do you read your own sentences? Low diff is 1 min max.
wow an irony......hahahaha....you don't low diff someone for 11 hours.....:gokulaugh::gokulaugh:
Luffy was getting his ass whooped for a majority of that fight, and even when he went into snakeman katakuri got the better of him. Honestly that fight is a mess..... visually appealing but a mess
I want that much up happen so badly just to see the outrage of Zoro/Sanji fanboys.
I won't be outraged
If you have been missing my posts, I really like Fokurokojiu
I think he's so interesting
Also, he seems like he damnds respect the SAME WAY Kyoshiro demanded respect from people in Beast Pirates...
- Kyoshiro was leader of Yakuza
- Fukorokuju is leader of Ninja
- Another guy is Leader of Mimawarigumi Elite Samurai

I feel people are sleeping on those three leaders just because their followers are weak, which is a bad move... However, Fukorokoju since he's been said to be Raizo's rival, it's only natural to match him with Raizo

But I wouldn't mind "Stealth Black vs Ninja Leader" in Land of Samurai
Specially if it was revealed he's very capable fighter and can do some tricky ass shit with his ninpo
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