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Who will Yamato-Chan fight?

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oh shit i can see that possibility .

Yamato dancing like fool in onigashima and became mocking figure in beast pirate probably embarrassed kaido.
That is way too dumb if Yamato-chan even trying to do this in flower capital.
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I‘d love to see that
Hey i see ur avy.:cheers:


Yamato is second craziest fanboy/girl after barto

(he likes to be called a boi , so)
Yes, this yamato thing might became ridiculous.
1. If she know if the scabbards is still alive, she might be fangirling them.
2. If she know Zoro wielding an Enma, Kozuki's Oden sword, she might be Zoro's fangirl either.
3. If she know that nobody wielding Ame No Habakiri, she might volunteering to wielding Ame No Habakiri.
4. If she know Momo and Hiyori is still alive, she might be surprised either.
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