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Will Yamato Chan join the Straw Hats

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You people do realise you only need to cut 8 heads if he is in his zoan form right?

I know Orochi may be alive but Oda showed Kaido cutting him, blood is seen on the blade even when Kaido cuts him
unlike with Pound where we don't see Oven blad cutting though him, we only saw oven jumping on attack and then we later see oven blade having blood.

It's like saying Ace can't die or be damaged cause he's Logia while Ace was in base, a normal magma fist killed, if he was using hi powers, he would have survived a bit.

Thankfully BM got Zeus back. Nami and Co captured by mere ghosts lol
"Nami Carrot ill fight F6/vets or Pero 1 v1 c" mère ghosts captured them

Why is Sasaki crying?

Kanjuro vs Kiku...

Law and Co will reach the stage, Luffy and Yamato, Kidd will also reach there

Can't wait for the CoC clash between the 4/5 conquerors

:suresure: imagine saying this is the greatest commander hype or a hype coz King gave Kaido his sword.
The desperation when your Fav has been useless and irrelevanr the whole arc. Queen and flyers are more alive than King.

Anyway, Marco will be stalled by Pero
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