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Will Yamato Chan join the Straw Hats

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Fallen Prince

I don't know, I just see him as a poor man's Vader with no charisma. His redemption was handled well though (unlike the rest of the movie).

Anyway, we barely know Yamato but she already has the potential to be my favorite female SH if she joins the crew. I like everything about her so far.
I agree but rian johnson destroyed the franchise showing redemption side of kylo . If anything episode 8 destroyed star wars image .

It has taken huge beating even 9 had to suffer with worst consequence from fans .
Wait Ace went to Onigashima ?

Yamato was roaming around Wano before hitting the age of 8 so she found oden journal before that age.

But if she was trapped in Onigashima....how was she present in Oden execution?

This is a mess.
? She was in Wano where Oden was executed, then later on she found the journal, she told her father that she wants to be Oden and since then she has been confined.

That's what I think at least

Fallen Prince

Didn't Luffy always wanted to have a logia in his crew?
I was joking but thats nature of luffy he does not mind people's random invitation . Oda is keeping up consistency that luffy is naive person from chapter 1 .

It depends if Yamato will take liking from rest of the crew . It took Robin to officially be recognised as crew member after impel down incident .
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