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Will Yamato Chan join the Straw Hats

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Btw, Law is not with the Scabbards when they face Kanjuro (obviously as he'd one shot them all without blinking).

He is definitely on his way to save Momo.

wonder what would kanjuro do when he knows his master is murdered by kaido, would he join the force with scabbard or just doesnt care about orochi and join with kaido instead
Kanjuro is dead bro...Kiku is crying and her sword is bloodied.

Fallen Prince

Wait Ace went to Onigashima ?

Yamato was roaming around Wano before hitting the age of 8 so she found oden journal before that age.

But if she was trapped in Onigashima....how was she present in Oden execution?

This is a mess.
Even i am confused . Well its certain that after Ace left from wano , he decided to avenge for otama against kaido .

So he went to onigashima to fight kaido and ends up losing . I am certain Ace was imprisoned in onigashime or i just dont understand how he meet her.
If people still disuss if Orochi is dead or alive they are right we have many exampled were we thought people are dead and they are still alive


and Im not even sure about Pedro maybe he survived like Pell
Pedro is a lot of stronger and the blast was much weaker than that of alabasta its all Odas fault because he refuses to kill
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