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Will Yamato Chan join the Straw Hats

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Zoro: I’m gonna round up the samurai
*does nothing*
Zoro: I’m gonna avenge Yasui
*Kaido does the job for him*
Zoro can’t accomplish anything this arc :gokulaugh:
▪Luffy / Sanji stans : Zoro won't fight kaido .:ronalugh:
▪Oda : Enma cutted kaido :steef:
▪ Luffy / Sanji stans : even though he obtained it he still has to fight orochi:whitepress:
▪ Oda : Zoro said he has to conserve his strength to fight kaido :myman:
▪ Luffy / Sanji stans : no he has to avenge yasui :gokulaugh:
▪ Oda : Orochi died:denzimote:
▪ Me : he will fight Kaido to avenge yasui:suresure:
Hold this L:holdthisl::akasalt:
This is my one and only request to Oda when it comes to Wano.. Please and please I mean it.. do not troll Big Mom when stuff hits the fan. No O-lin, not hungry Big Mom, none of that. Please deliver the Mad Empress in her utmost seriousness clashing against the Worst Generation members or whoever else would take her on. This is the only thing that I would rate as a heavy negative if Oda goes back to memeing/goofing around with her. When she gets defeated, she gets defeated properly with pride as an emperor.
At this point, I fully believe Onigashima had a past history/glory which Kaido wants to restore. That large sword at the entrance and also the new sword 'bridge' as mentioned in the spoiler all leads to a tribe of oars/onis( or whatever equivalent with those 'others' being the remnant), who once ruled a large part of the OP world perhaps or played a significant part in old world power equilibrium.
I have a feeling Orochis power gives him 8 lives. Would put it beneath Oda to have one of his "lives" sacrificed in this moment. If Orochi dies, Kanjuro's whole plot goes in the garbage and Fukurokuju and the Mimiwarigumi leader wouldn't have much to do. I doubt they'll entirely side with Kaido
Have 8 heads doesn't mean he have 8 lives.
1 body = 1 heart with 8 tiny brain (1 original brain divided by 8).

"The Yamata-no-Orochi is perhaps the most frightening of all Japan’s many mythological monsters. According to the Kojiki, this fearsome serpent had eight heads and eight tails, with a body large enough to span eight valleys and a surface of such magnitude that moss and Japanese cedar trees grew upon it."

I just realized if Orochi is still alive after this and escapes, then he could be the subject of the next cover story. I so hope not. :pepehands:

Seriously if he's alive, how's he going to get out of that one? Run? Team up with the Strawhat alliance? Yeah, I think I'm just going to pretend he's gone until we get proof otherwise. It's not beyond Oda to do a villain redemption though.
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