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Eh, we've seen bad characters get redeemed before so it's not a big deal. The issue would be the process of their journey to redemption. With Kanjuro, he's been acting his whole life, spending time with the scabbards, there's no way he doesn't feel some type of way for them.

And yeah, I believe Kanjuro isn't done yet.
Redemption would go towards explaining why he's a shitty henchman.

It's crazy that many people fail to realize the issue with the Nami situation isnt Sanji not being there, its the fact that Nami's always portrayed as the damsel in distress. If Usopp and chopper got away from Big Mom.......Nami, Carrot and Shinobu should all be able to escape together, especially considering Nami and Shinobu escaped a bad situation together earlier in the arc. One Piece is nearing its end. If there are strawhats who are getting captured by things like homies at this point, that means they need to get fucking stronger. Shouldnt place the blame on others for Nami & Carrots incompetence when they've been competent before.
Usopp and Chopper got away because of Nami lol. Because she's actually relevant and Big Mom showed up to Wano directly stating that she intended to take Zeus back. But Nami's a G, you capture her and she actually just cares about saving Momo over herself.

It's a weird double standard, that she piggybacks on Sanji and it's not cool but Usopp piggybacks on others, like Franky in this case, and there's not an equivalent phrase to damsel. His big moment in these last ten years was getting beaten so badly that his ugliness unconsciously frightened a henchman. His redemption was running it back against said little girl with a glimmer of Haki that continues to be irrelevant like five years later. What did he even do in the capital, why aren't you calling him out instead?

Nami need piggyback from sanji in every arc. Prince always need to rescue the lady .
That's what Sanji would like to think. She's assisted Luffy himself in victories over Buggy, Ener, and Cracker. Aside from you know... getting them across the seas. Otherwise they'd be stuck calling Zoro's grandma for weather advice. If you measure effectiveness by outright strength then you're missing something big in this series. I guess I'd recommend spending more time on DB Super or something.
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Next chapter due to how close big meme is next to the explosion I'm assuming luffy and bm gonna tangle whilst yamato gonna fight a f6 member
Amazing panel at the end possibly my fabulous of the year.
Kaido has already grabbed neko by the head and only 2 scabbards have got to him theres no denying that their full on assault despite looking cool did not acheive much if anything. I mean they still have 3 calamities to deal with even if they knock kaido off the balcony.
I'm not as impressed/disappointed as others seem to be in Izos ability to knock kings weapons out of his hands if anything it just once again reaffirms the fact that wb had a cream of the crop crew and I still don't think that he has a chance 1v1 vs king just cos he caught king off guard.
I mean we have already seen kaido get caught off guard by luffy once so it's not that much of a suprise that it happened again.
I'm still of the opinion that we are about to see a massive defeat for the alliance within the next few chapters. The final nail for me being that so far that the sunnachi thing is a major death flag every time it is brought up. When kiku hears momo saying it she tells him that only people who are about to abandon their lives say it. Then we once again witness it in the ashura Doji flashback it is the last thing the warriors say before they attack onigashima and are never seen again. So altogether the raid is likely to fail
Though we should get some amazing panels until then.
The whole thing with kanjuro an orochi I'm unsure what to think of at this point as this chapter adds a few things into the mix.
One of the things that I was certain would happen before kanjuro dies is that he would meet kinemon which he has but I'm unsure whether he is truly dead as this was delivered in what I consider to be a fairly weak way. If panel death for kanjuro seems unlikely and kiku did cry but it feels like a lack lustre death for the actor. Kinemon barely witnessed his body before moving on. He did drop the hat on kanjuro but I'm not sure that that is the culmination of their story.
Now with orochi 2 thing had to happen before I would be convinced that he is dead. And one happened this chapter. Orochi and denjiro are on the stage at the same time. And denjiro is recognized as being kyoushiro which would have been a high impact scene for orochi( and may yet be if he is alive).
Finally the momo scene in my opinion was great and seems to weirdly parralel the ace sengoku scene before whitebeard. As both seems to have this moment of personal truth and bravery in admission of who they are and who their father is. Not sure if this sets him up for death or not just an interesting parralel.
On lighter notes.
Ussopp has a cool moment I wonder where the tank is going and I like the theory that BM did something to it
Luffy and yamao have some banter and yamatos face is brilliant as theh are flying away from the explosion.
Finally luffy removes the shackle from yamato after 4 chapters.
To no ones suprise orochi troops have little loyalty
Hyogoro reaction makes me respect him but like what was he expecting.
Yamato seems to have had a change of perspective on her father. Despite her treatment as reported so far she still had some attachment/filial feelings for her father. This seems to develop.
Shinobu once again is not with the 9 scabbards despite their full panel which is suspicious but also weird as she seems to be recalling something oden told her despite the fact that out of the lot she had the least contact with him.
Nice panels of zoro kidd and law... I wonder where killer had got to. All 3 look fresh and ready for a fight. Especially zoro as last time we saw him he looked like he might be slightly out of breath.
Luffy gonna save nami and carrot next chapter hopefully.
Amazing chapter.

The Cover page is just hilarious now, what was the point of bringing him back then lmao.

I am not really sure what to think of Kanjuro/Orochi, are they really dead or not lol

Man it great to see Luffy becoming more mature, instead of just rushing into the fight he acutally let the Scabbards get the first crack at Kaido. And him casually using advanced armanent haki was on point.

It seems like Luffy and Yamaro are both close to Big Mom now which is going to make for an interesting encounter.

Does it seem like the Ex-general of the Mimawari-Gumi (Hotei) have a black blade, or is that just the sheath is black?

Kaido still having ptsd about Oden is hilarious, Oden still haunts him 20 years later damn. From Shinobu's wording it seemed like Oden knew from the get go Kaido was the real threat and Orochi was just an afterthought.

Izo looked badass shooting down Kings sword, i don't know why people are saying this makes King look bad when we know Izo was a commander of the Whitebeard pirates.

Man the last Panel of Scabbards shouting "sunatchi" before attacking Kaido was dope, but i have a bad feeling one of them is going to die next chapter.

Now that the war has officially started,next chapter is gonna be chaotic as hell
Hell yeah 5 stars and now rhe riad starts I'm very hyped. I really want yamato to join but she might become a reteiner but I hope she doesn't.
The official chapter is out btw


Oh I'm loving all the scabbard death flags.

Oda can kill them all off imo, but 2-3 definitely have to remain and see how Wano is like Post Kaidou/Orochi.

Kinemon, Denjiro, Ashura, Izo and 1 of the Mink kings should die imo.
I feel like only of the two leading figures should die (either Kin or Denjiro) but i agree elsewhere
Oh I'm loving all the scabbard death flags.

Oda can kill them all off imo, but 2-3 definitely have to remain and see how Wano is like Post Kaidou/Orochi.

Kinemon, Denjiro, Ashura, Izo and 1 of the Mink kings should die imo.
They are all within Luffy's range now, if he lets all of them die like that because he is holding back so they can have their moment that is very strange imo.
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