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I'd like to see Luffy, Jinbe, and Yamato hold down Big Mom until the situation improves in numbers.

This chapter started the battle although one vs one matches aren't set up. I think this will be a large brawl until close to the end. So far I see:

S tier
Kaido, Big Mom
A tier
King, Queen, Jack
B tier
Apoo, F5, Numbers (1-10?)


A tier
Luffy, Zoro, Kid, Yamato, Jinbe, 5 Scabbards, Sanji
B tier
Franky, 4 Scabbards, Killer, Hyo, Sulongs

Pretty even, though 987 should at least end with the emperors stomping a mudhole
WHAT the hell!!!
Pound didn't survive his death for being reject by his own daughters! And Kaido willing to kill his son Yamato however? WTF about Father-son relationships in this manga?
Momo clearly at least accepted his role to carry on Wano kuni!


I know because that I mentioned the point, it seems like these character encounter in the past each other in a territory war.
We all know Yonkou each other let their crew fight each other, so it make sense that they clash in crew years ago.
What people don't understand is that Yonko can't meet in years or decades but the commanders and other executives fought each other when they were out to take territories.

Pero may have fought King in the past or seen him him in a battle
Same way King knows Izo coz he saw him in a battle before

What's suprisig is that Smoothie didn't recall King much while Pero and BM pointed out King directly when he was coming.
Yet Smoothie could tell Marco directly.

It tells me Smoothie may have encountered WBP more than beats pirates or maybe WBP are just well known especially after the 2 wars they fought and lost badly.
What's suprisig is that Smoothie didn't recall King much while Pero and BM pointed out King directly when he was coming.
Yet Smoothie could tell Marco directly.
See this in that way:

Totland cover over 30islands, each minister take the role and protect them, adding to the ministers Big mom lead a huge fleet and every Minister have his own battleship together with a fleet if he needs help. Big mom tell us reader that it take many years since Cracker,Smoothie and Katakuri meet each other. They are protecting their own island+taking down other island as we see in chapter 827. The enemy with Perospero face aren´t the same as the one who Smoothie face, Smoothie have a totally different territory and her own mission to protect totland. So it make sense why Smoothie face different enemies and kinda don´t know King while Pero knowing King more(at most Pero is also the first son who probably clash with many strong pirates) then anyone else, same for Compote she know King while Mont-d or didn´t know him.

The reason why Smoothie probably know Marco is that she meet him during a battle?
When someone invade Totland, the Sweet commander protecting their territory, Kid,Apoo and Urouge probably face a different Sweet commander overall. If someone attack from the territory where Smoothie island is, she gonna deal with the enemy, if someone invade Snack territory, he gonna deal with him.

Big mom has a huge army and their children know very well to protecting their territory, so a war between Yonkous in the past doesn´t surprise us, it was also said in the novel and it make sense.


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Well I wouldn't cry because I'm not in the same boat. But idk. Kiku, knowing Oda and him fucking with us, could have the V.
Jokes aside. This is getting kinda disgusting. It's fucked up that someone tries to make his manga politically correct for the sake of the government advising their kids to read One Piece:kayneshrug:

I hate Okama shit.
The one where Yamato looks like a straight-up opening to Hentai and she's after beating from Kaido and says "Yeah daddy more" or something like this.
Lol I doubt she says Yeah Daddy more, but I'll look it up and what not later.

As for Yamato in this chapter, she has big hands and fingers that equate to her larger size but the one panel with them by her face is dogshit for sure, the fingernails as well, just a rushed drawing imo that will get fixed in the Volume books.

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Reading the official translation makes me more certain than I’ve been the last few weeks that Orochi is really dead (the jury’s still out for me on Kanjuro). The way Fukurokuju reacted to his death in 985 combined with his immediate acquiescence to Kaido’s command aren’t things he would do if he knew his boss had seven other heads waiting to sprout and attack the Yonko, even if he recognized the difference in power. If that’s not enough, Shinobu thinking that Oden recognized Kaido as the true enemy in the past clinched it for me. Kinda disappointing that the Scabbards won’t get to take Orochi out like they should have (although I’m THRILLED that the “Zoro’s main fight in Wano will be Orochi” crowd has effectively been silenced), but at least they can now focus all their efforts on the attack started in that great double spread at the end.
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Also, Kaido said this was the “final night of freedom” for the regular citizens of Wano...could it be that the alliance DOESN’T fail and somehow pulls it together to win before the following day??
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