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Kaido looks stupid as fuck in this chapter, not gonna lie

So, even after all what Orochi did for him and to prove that Scabbard/Momo are alive and coming... Kaido till this very end is just STILL not convinced and sold on the idea that this Momo right here is Oden's son...
He cannot comprehend that a DF can do that!?

And people call Orochi a LOSER in this arc? and they are having fun for Kaido slicing the ONLY COMPETENT THINKER in their group????

Kaido lost his mind the moment he ditched Orochi... cause he was the ONLY PERSON with enough brains to make Kaido's plans work...
People will keep on mentioning "he's weak" when he literally saved Kaido's ass multiple times

And STILL even after Kaido betrayed Orochi... Kaido keeps showing how ignorant he is! He literally just ignored all te proof done by Orochi/Kanjuro and STILL questioning Momo... he looked like an idiot with Momo's response... and honestly well-deserved...

Honestly if it wasn't for the plot of Luffy taking him down... and for the fact that his skin is hard to penetrate... I would have loved Kaido being killed right here, right now just because of how STUPID he is...

I can't imagine the amount of foolishness this guy has done in the past chapters... his own strength and being taken down by Luffy is the only thing protecting him from falling since long ago
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