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this is actually a very interesting way to start the war...no more set up looks like we finally are getting things going, As far as all the power scaling don’t think this is an L for the beast pirates yet ...we need to see more
Yeah i agree with you!
Everyone knew that the alliance is coming for them and they act mighty but at the end they are like omg! Kaido is shitting himself, WSC for you!
Oden even in his death is making Kaido sweating!

Kaido was like: "Your sword will not work on me"

1 second later: "wait, they look as determined as Oden, Oh shit, what if someone was as skilled as he is while sweating as hell"

Oden made Kaido traumatized for a guy who loves suicide LOL

MD Zolo

1. Not really interesting tbh since no emphasis has been placed upon it unlike for BB. BB is a member of the D. Clan that have been highlighted from chapter 1, with his similarities to Xebec getting more and more evident as the manga progresses. Even Kaido's origins are more of a mystery since he's apparently a 'thing' and is non human.

2/3. Like I've said that's the only interesting thing about him. To see if Shanks flips good or bad. Making him flip bad would make him 10x more interesting than this generic hero like figure to luffy, that he currently is.
But by saying BB is less interesting being he's inheritently 'evil' is wrong. That makes every other character in the series boring.

D. Clan has a will attributed to destiny. The world itself will be caused upon via a strom by them. BB is a part of this. Shanks will never be.

Shanks has barely any screen time which also contributes to him being boring. Ending the war was cool, looking at posters was cool but nothing really strikes out as interesting, ince you just see just see his power in marineford and pleasant reaction to Luffy. Again this is a very generic good guy trait. You love to see Shanks on screen (as do I) but it's hardly anything interesting.

Goresei meeting is the only thing that is interesting, which agian is to see if he flips good or bad.

Black beard has achieved all his goals and plans so far. His opportunistic nature and his ways of getting where he is, is what makes him interesting.

Also He's
- The only known person in the world to have 2 devil fruits via an anomalous 'body'. Check

- Is very active in the world of one piece and isn't stagment unlike his other yonko peers. Check.

- Is part of the D. Clan and parallels Xebec and is the reverse of Luffy. Check.

- Does not have a boring personality unlike Shanks. Check. ( This is unfortunate on Shanks part since he's a good guy hero atm)

- His opportunistic nature keeps you guessing his next move. Check.

- Has way more panel time and is more important to the story. Check.
  1. We don't know about Shanks' origin. He could be a D., he could not be a D., So that is not much of an argument.
  2. Nobody in the world knows what Shanks' next move is.
  3. Shanks decidedly more important to the story than Blackbeard will ever be. Specially with Imu being here.
  4. There isn't that much difference in panel time and whenever Shanks is on-panel, there is a feeling that something big is about to happen. For BB, that is only true Post-TS.
  5. Shanks doesn't have boring personality. In fact, Shanks is quite versatile in his personality. He has been shown to be playful and serious, respectful and disrespectful, kind and cruel. Blackbeard's personality thus far is limited to being cruel or being scared (I am talking about personality, not character traits).
Ultimately it boils down to this:

We know Blackbeard is an evil person who wants to rule the world like Xebec. Basically he is an incarnation of Xebec. That's just it. There is no nuance to Blackbeard. Now, Oda can make Blackbeard's past as much of a son story as he wants, but that simple fact won't change.

Let's take Shanks. We still have no idea what Shanks wants. Does he want to finish what Roger started and bring a prophesized person to Laugh Tale? Then why choose Luffy over Ace? Or does he want to use Luffy to unleash an evil upon the world by having Luffy procure One Piece? Is there a third type of allegiance for him?

While both Blackbeard and Shanks' backstories have potential, only one of them can lead to nuances that makes the character complex with flaws and likable traits. And it is not Blackbeard.
Forgot to say the plot of Nami and Carrot getting captured is stupid.What is the point of keeping them alive given how much did they tarnished the reputation of BM and her crew.
Cause Big Mom and Kaido are the generic villain who keep the character alive until they are taken down

Unlik Orochi who gets the job done and the only competent villain this arc LOL...


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Lol. Wtf!? Sometimes my brain proceeds the weirdest questions ever.

Is Mihawk the only OP character that basically looks for a challenge?
Kaido will get back next chapter. One or two of the scabbards will surely die. But will
Seriously what a stupid crew

- Jack is surprised from the obvious

- Kaido is STILL surprised that Momo is Oden son when Orochi/Kanjuro went beyond any imagination to prove it to them

- Queen is surprised from the attack when Kanjuro literally told them that the scabbards are invading, and Kanjuro was only at that rear gate to actually stall them and slow them enough for Momo execution to be done with

Yet, many fans just love giving excuses to kaido and his crew cause they are Yonko crew, and they keep on hating Orochi when he was the best villain in this arc...

It's absolutely funny how "power scaling" can be major factor for rooting for a character or not

If someone will bring me the "excuse that they hate Orochi just because of bad design and stupid looks and actions" I'll just bring Big Mom who is also given excuses and passes from fans after another just for the simple power scaling shit

Dude, can you imagine if Big Mom was weak, and she stayed with us for 2 arcs??? those same people who want her in elbaf would fucking kill Oda if he didn't finish her boring ass here LOL
No bm in elbaf..
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