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Katakuri Strongest FM

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MD Zolo

Do people seriously forget that the Scabbards are literally the strongest Samurai in Wano and not just some fodder... smh
Denjiro, Ashura, Neko and Inu are decently strong no doubt. But Kin'emon and Raizo aren't very strong. Kiku, Izou and Kawamatsu sits somewhere between the two extremes.
Lol, Oda's most likely scenario:
- Scabbard next chapter realize all their attacks are useless against Kaido

- In their desperate saddened situation, Luffy comes in like a messaiah with his "Advanced Ryuu" blowing Kaido from the inside out, and the whole Alliance will be like


It will be the end of a chapter (either 987 or 988 or 989)
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