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Katakuri Strongest FM

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I told people... Commanders aren't that strong. Said it 400x fucking times.

For Katakuri to be made a proper challenge for Luffy, he had to turn into a Luffy-clone with CoC, and was made a "legend", even when compared to Smoothie/Cracker/Snack. That's why Oda gave Luffy 5th Emperor right after surpassing Katakuri. It's clear as fuck Katakuri > King.
How is that. Katakuri failed to hit Sanji.
Yamato's handcuffs really worked against BP lol....Luffy throwing Yamato's handcuffs would have cleared up so many of the fodders
Luffy and Yamato holding fire for scabbards to attack Kaido was really a good move from Oda!!
Flying six are gonna come to stage as well...We already have BM, Kaido and the calamities at the stage.... Scabbards, Luffy, Law and Marco are gonna have lot of fighting from now on

Big Mom might have got rotten flashback of Luffy coming out of the cake in tea party when she saw scabbards attacking Kaido out of no where lmao.....
Unless you are part of the group that believes they will lose and the final battles are on the mainland. We could have another 10 chapters of this
True, but I don't expect Kaido to go down until Luffy gets a fair shot at it. I think I'm more excited about next chapter now then this one. I can't help but wonder what Oda has up his sleeve.

Pound got dumped, ah well. So much for the family reunion. :seriously:

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For real, though...HOW fucking funny would it be if that’s all it took to finish Kaido off? I would laugh my ass all the way off my body if the arc just ends here, with the Scabbards having exacted their revenge in a single move. They seem to have incapacitated Kanjuro offscreen, so we’re already denied one huge emotional climax for them; imagine the uproar if Luffy gets Kaido out of his way without lifting a God damn finger :luffylaugh:
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