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Katakuri Strongest FM

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I don't know what the fuck people have in the brain....the scabbards just blocked the attack and just attacked the Kaido....that is all we have known for now but how much time they can block or how much did they "actually" damaged Kaido is yet to be known...why people act like they have defeated both calamities and Kaido??...though I don't mind making fun of them but genuinely believing that scabbards can't do anything to calamities is laughable......

also Kinemon stabbing Kaido..is it me or did anyone remember when Luffy punched Kaido it looked like his punches was sinking into the body??
I told people... Commanders aren't that strong. Said it 400x fucking times.

For Katakuri to be made a proper challenge for Luffy, he had to turn into a Luffy-clone with CoC, and was made a "legend", even when compared to Smoothie/Cracker/Snack. That's why Oda gave Luffy 5th Emperor right after surpassing Katakuri. It's clear as fuck Katakuri > King.
Commanders arent that strong? The Main character has never beaten them by himself lmao. A Majority of the fights with commander fights we've seen are essentially 2v1's.
You can see Luffy and Yamato are in the same stage as Kaido and co. And Kaido falling now down, probably next chapter in the same place where Luffy and Yamato stand?

Eitherway I think both Luffy and Yamato facing first Who's who and Ulti soon while the Scabbard continue the battle with Kaido and the Calamity.
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