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Idk how people can say the calamities are weak.

Maybe it's that the Scabbards are a lot stronger than we thought? Also they are in mass numbers.

It's just not calamities that are being halted here, but Kaido himself just got jumped and seemingly pierced by Kin
They’re just jumping to conclusions per the usual. We already knew the Scabbards had several dudes who could hang with the Calamities in Shutenmaru, Inu , Neko and Denjiro. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise.
Looking forward to reading the full chapter but I really hope the focus shifts after this to Luffy and the straw hats. As much as I enjoy the scabbards I want to see The Straw hats doing feats, especially if they're going to be a Yonko crew. It's been chapters and Oda just off panels or doesn't write them into the story. I'm praying Kanjuro or a scabbard dies next chapter and in their final words tells Luffy to open up the country and then the war starts and it becomes more focused on Luffy fighting Kaido.
Kaido got sneak attacked and the Calamities’ attacks got blocked, that the only thing that happened. They’re absolutely fine, none of them is hurt.

Fans : "What the fuck, why did the villains get dehyped, they’re weak !"

Kaido literally got sent flying off the stage in the midst of a public execution lmfao. Calamities that are his officers couldn't do do shit.
Just woke up, opened the spoilers section just to see that Kaido and his calamities are a fucking joke.
How the hell did that guy one shot Luffy?:whitepress:
He better destroys them scabbards next chapter.
Fucking kawamatsu taking on king and Inu stopping both jack and queen?:mihugh:
Give the Tobi roppo their chance the odds actually favors them now.
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