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The fact is ulti and whos who will play spoil sport to yamato and luffy is enough to tell luffy will not fight kaido in onigashima .
Why tf is yamato crying? Probably cause kaido of the 100 frauds is certainly dead now, how dare he remember the only foe who ever scared him!
Fucking lowlife is what kaido is, the next spandam
damn right
he remembers the foe who almost killed him after that foe died he is still having nightmares.
and kaido lost 7 times
yet oden is who still gives him ptsd
guess that says a lot about chaden.


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Scabbards' power-level? Of course not. But for Kaido, yes. If Kaido is remembering Oden's attack with this little show, and if Kaido is penetrated by Kin'emon and Denjiro, then Kaido isn't invincible. The fact that Kaido can't be executed is a lie and Kaido being unable to be defeated is also a lie.
Those who knows me since oJ days know very well that I never believed "kaido is strongest character".

He got defeated 7 times so he isn't invincible.

But, context matters. Kaido remembering oden attack right now is more of a symbolic reference to him because scabbards represent oden legacy.

also, its a surprise attack. Scabbards aren't weak and if kaido gets slightly injured in that surprise attack (especially if you consider bomb going off as well) and ganged upon him then it doesn't dimnish kaido in anyway.
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