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Who will be defeated first?

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You know I hope Yamato gets some hits in on Kaido as well. Thinking about it, she suffered almost as much as Kinemon and company did with the loss of Oden. They should save some of the revenge battle for her. She looks stronger then the usual One Piece token female; it would work. Plus Kaido's face when he sees his own kid join the scabbards would be priceless.
Glad we got the confirmation that Ryou is enough to pierce Kaido's skin..... Also using Ryou is not equal to having absurd amount of haki imo....Ryou is an advanced application of normal arnament...

Luffy's advanced CoA application will surprise Kaido for sure!! Kaido will be thinking how that brat who wasn't able to do anything 10 days back is able to harm him now.... Waiting for that moment!!

But Kaido's strength and fighting prowess is much more than his durability....We will see that in upcoming chapters.....I'm atleast glad that Scabbards are atleast capable of injuring Kaido and they didnt have blind hope....
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