Chapter Discussion One Piece Chapter 988: "I've kept you waiting"


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I wonder how people can put mihawk over pk and yonko, when the yonko are stated to be the 4 strongest pirates and mihawk hinself also statez that pk is harder to achieve than wss...

Mihawk hasn't even clashed with any yonko....

He wasn't able to beat pre yonko shanks, what make you think he's gonna win against the current one

Until oda says otherwise

Pk>>yonko>>wss>>yonko commanders>>>>>>>>>>>> other pirates
Makes me luagh on how different the 2 translation are some times ahah franky's last words in the pannel are " Does someone have a runny noes?" and in the early translation is "some flowers aren't meant to be pulled" wich makes more sens on what is happening in the panel also before that he says "Did I just run over something?" and again makes much more sens that the unofficial translation
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