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How strong is Sanji?

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Honestly if queen was stronger than king and zoros fight i wouldn't even be mad
I dont like either much but queen is at least better than king

Either way drake and kyoshiro >>>
Shit woulda been goated
Is King confirmed stronger than Queen even?
Oda never made King seem superior than Queen.

King~ Queen or King >==Queen
Enma Zoro >= RS Sanji

People that still think Zoro is above SN trio and Katakuri should give up
As a Zoro fan I’m glad Sanji is getting this king fight. Just means a) Zoro fights Kaido and b) have some pity on the guy, his best feat yet was feeding a Yonko a cake, this is the best shine Oda can give him. Poor kid
Aha. And not the one destroying a Flying six? You know, the strongest Headliner > normal Headliner > Gifters, the ones Zoro is struggling against?
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