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How strong is Sanji?

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Here we go again with this bullshit from Sanji’s trash fanboys. Inb4 this is just another “Sanji is going to solo Katakuri because Sanji looked at him meanly.” Anyone who seriously thinks Sanji is going to fight the strongest Yonko commander...
Yeah I seriously think it because I've said it for 100 chapters: Most Yonko Commanders ain't shit, and you guys have wanked them for 10 years.
Dorki means base abilities. Jabra has the better DF, better DF training, clashing with Lucci and of course he isnt a total clown like Kaku in his fight. And can also fight with Tekkai.
DF powers don't mean a thing if it just enhances your base strength.

Zoan Kaku > Zoan Jabra > Base Kaku > Base Jabra

Ryuma is a general zombie and all general zombies work for Absaldom. Meaning he is automatically his inferior.
This doesn't make you weaker than Absalom.

You must be idiotic to think Hyouzou can do anything to Wadatsumi. Since his poison cant do shit to Luffy. Whilst Luffy nearly died to a poison that has the hype to kill a giant. Wadatsumi is far above a giant. So Wadatsumi would crush Hyouzou.
You're assuming poison is all Hyouzou has.
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