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She does not thinks she is Oden, she has the same dream as Luffy which is to be free. For Yamato= To be Oden is an analogy to being free. Just as to Luffy= To be Pirate king is to be free.

Yamato told Luffy that he is more Oden than her.
Well if the translation is true, why is she calling Momo her son? She's going above and beyond just playing a character.


But it’s on the street
The Seven Demon of Numbers came out
Shinobu tries to help Momo nosuke but is blown away by King
Sanji rescues with transparency, but he is killed by King's beak
Mom uses power but Nami steals Zeus
However, Brook and Frankie came when Mom was trying to recapture
Mum → face is run over
Zeus -> two
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but he is killed by King's beak:sus:
Chapter 988 Titled: I've been waiting.

Starts out with the roof of Onigashima

Kaido is aware of sulong forms.

Jack is ashamed he let the intrusion get so far, and goes to stop minks.

Ashura Denjiro go to fight Kaido.

Inside hall:

Ulti and Yamato still at standoff and Big Mom goes to hit Luffy. Luffy runs.

Brook intercepts Big mom and her yokai. They have small dialogue, she remembered him.

Tiny Law panel

Shinobu reaches execution platform and is spotted by King. King attempts slice her. Sanji jumps in with Raid suit. RS has new design but isn't completely changed.

King overpowers sanji pushing him back. And questions sanji and lets him know he will die if he steps forth. Sanji says "tchh"

Inside Hall:

Luffy meets with Zoro and Kid, and tells him about scabbards uptop.

Entrance hall

Marco and Perospero talk about alliance. Perospero insults marco, marco laughs-yoi.

Back to rooftop Onigashima

Scabbards(Neko, Inu, Kin, Izo, Kiku) are trying their best against Kaido. Kaido uses something like blaze and Kinemon cuts it.

Kaido sees Big slash attack burst through roof.

Zoro, Kid and Killer smiling. Kid pulled them up with his magnets.
Chapter ends.

5 double page spreads. 17 pages.

Break next week

When One Piece resumes, Luffy and Zoro on WSJ cover.
:steef::steef::steef: Sanji bullied confirmed. Its all coming together.


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Full summary, thanks to redon from Arlong Park Forums.
Full summary, short chapter with 15 pages.

Chapter 988: “Sorry for the wait”.

In the cover, Pound is swimming towards Bege's ship while Marines fires their cannons to them.

Kaidou is about to fight the Minks but Jack and some of his subordinates arrive at the roof of Onigashima to help Kaidou. One of the Numbers is with them, he's Number 7 and looks like a japanese Oni in Momotarō’s tale.

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were about to get the revenge on Jack but their subordinates (Guardians and Musketeers) said them they should focus only on Kaidou. They and the other Minks will handle Jack and Beast Pirates. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi are agree and then all Minks transform into Sulong.

Back to the Live Floor in Onigashima. Shinobu tries to free Momonosuke but King notices her and throws Shinobu into the wall. However, at that moment Momonosuke chains are broken and then Momonosuke mysteriously flies away.

King stops Momonosuke in midair and we discover that it was Sanji the one who saved Momonosuke. Sanji praises Momonosuke for his courage and throws him to Shinobu. King transforms into Pteranodon and crashes into the wall along with Sanji.

Luffy wants to go fight Kaidou in the roof but Big Mom blocks him. Big Mom uses “Elbaf no Yari: Ikoku” attack, Luffy manages to dodge it but the attack penetrates Onigashima walls all the way out into the sea.

The samurai are shocked to see Big Mom's power and wonders how they will manage to fight now that there are 2 enemies at the level of Kaidou (Big Mom and Kaidou of course). Big Mom summons Zeus back to her, Zeus doesn't want to go but he cannot refuse.

Then Big Mom prepares to use Zeus' Thunder to kill Nami but Franky and Brook arrive to save their nakama. Brook cuts Zeus in two (again) and Franky slams “Kurosai” motorcycle right into Big Mom's face…

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