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How strong is Sanji?

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Ikkoku hype... This attack is something beyond any sword attack before.

It travelled all the way to the sea by destroying the skull

So Brook cut Zeus again, Franky and Co crushed into Linlin face.

Zoan king vs base sanji.

So Jack will fight only musketeers and guardians
How is it base Sanji of he went invisible? Frank/ussop obviously remodeled his raid suit into a suit. Thats why Kanjuro arrows did noting
3 Double spreads

Sanji in raidsuit

Sanji King fight has no double spread

last 2 (4 pages) are doublespread (Big Mom stuff/franky funnily throwing bike in her face) and first 2 (with minks gathering and jack)
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King takes shinobus face and fucking blasts here away.
Holly fucking the disrespect for Lanji

Fucking Brook and Franky has double spread

Lanji "Vs" king doesn't.

There are 2 double spread but not one for Lanji:milaugh:
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