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How strong is Sanji?

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One thing: This Bege coverstory (now featuring Pound) has to be the worst coverstory in all of One Piece. It's not even close.
At this point I would much rather see 20 fan requested coverpages by NodaSkywalker in a row ...
Totally agree with you that cover story is very poor from Lola returning like magic to the NW, to her ofc finding a husband in Gotti, Pound being alive which makes his sacrifice during WCI arc completely cheap only for Lola and Chiffon to callously leave him behind, even if they may not believe that he is their father yet it's still cruel given what he did for Chiffon on Cacao Island.

Plus that cover story smells like a cheap and poor way to make Lola reunite not only with her sister and find a husband but also to reunite her with Loki and the giants and the rest of her family later in the story. That may serve as a prelude to Elbaf arc but certainely not the best one.
I do think its possible that Sanji thing with king was the momo rescue and thats It, a little more of Clash and done.
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Are they even gonna fight? Last chapters everyone is just clashing, probably will continue like this until the next acts
Yep I think That will be the case most probably
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