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How strong is Sanji?

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Im not anti zoro my friend
But oda just show us panel of
Zoro vs wano magistrate
Zoro and luffy vs hawkins
Zoro and luffy vs batman and goat gifter
Zoro vs killer & yukimaru
Zoro vs kawamatsu
Zoro vs gifters ( right now)

Even brook have better panel which is fighting big mom

So current Zoro highest Headliner level :kayneshrug:

Zoro vs Queen MIGHT Happen
So Zoro vs Admiral didn't happen? Come on now.
The real atack is crashing into the building tho, not flying towards it.

Sanji VS King might still happen, but you bet hes gonna be bleeding.
I don't mind the bleeding... I'm talking that Sanji won't be heavily wounded to be out from it!

People who say he's out are exactly like me saying "Franky one shotted Big Mom" when we know the next time we see her, she'll be fine Lol

If Sanji will be out from that single attack, Oda would have shown Sanji with white eyes during the attack! So chill guys

People expect a one sided fight against YFM! What the fuck Lol
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