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How strong is Sanji?

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Symbol of Despair
How does claws and a carnivorous DF compensate for his enhanced strength being inferior to Kaku's? And these "look at goofy Zoro's opponent is" quips aren't a real argument.

This still doesn't prove Absalom is stronger than Ryuma.

Wadatsumi versus Jet Pistol.

Hyouzou versus Jet Pistol.

Like Jango is the FM of Kuro's crew but is weaker than the Meowban Brothers.
It compensates cause hes more lethal and hes built more for speed and mobility.

Yes they are. Kaku wasnt competent at all with his powers. Their entire fight was a circus act. He has no training with his abilities at all.

Again it means Absaldom is above him in heiarchy. I can and I will keep on repeating this till goes past your thick skull. Same way King is second after Kaido. Absaldom is closer to Moriah and has Ryuma as his surboerdnate.

Yes wow a sneak attack clean hit against Wada but Hyouzou was able to block. Great....

Still shows that Hyouzou has nothing that can damage Wadatsumi whilst can crush with increasing size or punches. Thats ofcourse if Hyouzou doesnt run away.

Both Hatchi and Kurobi are useful for combat, so one being higher ranked has to be because of their combat ability. Whilst Jango has other skills that make him the FM.
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