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How strong is Sanji?

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About the Sanji - King - Zoro thing if you think about it for a moment there are only 2 possibles roads:

Sanji is used as an hypetool for King. This is nothing new, we already saw it with Vergo and Doffy so it is possible and actually what we saw from the moment King grabbed and then pushed/pierced him could just be the beginning of it.

Zoro has to fight somebody a bit stronger than King if Sanji will fight King. The only one who may fit the description is Marco (maybe) but of course this is not an option. Also it is preferred if Zoro's opponent is a swordsman who has to be a bit stronger than Sanji opponent..

There is also a possible third option aka Zoro takes on Kaido (or even BM?) along with Luffy, Law, Kidd and maybe even Marco or others. Unlikely since Kaido fight is already too packed.
Zoro fighting Kaido with Luffy, Law and Kid is basically a given. We want him to have a proper 1v1 against a strong swordsman.


𝐊𝐨𝐤𝐮𝐭𝐨 𝐒𝐡𝐮𝐬𝐮𝐢
Do we know why Inu and Neko didn't transform yet?

Also, I wonder why the fuck they are bloodied after what happened.

Does their Ryuoo hurt them as well as Kaido?
Like I had noticed it in WCI a bit. Then in udon prison. I dont want to say he's like insanely scared but.. Its like Luffy does not want to mess with her. Its just weird seeing Luffy act that way when he knows he has to ultimately defeat them all.
His mind is currently at "I must beat Kaido "which is good..but..

Like dude there's all your crew this is the chance to bring down one of the 4 Emperors but he's like ahh BM scary.
let's be fair to Zolo

he need to fight King, the dude only appear in fights and you want him to not get the second strongest BP? his character was already drowning in mediocrity since the TS, while Sanji gave us epic moments and emotional scenes and will also get an epic fight against an entertaining character in queen

Zolo need this, Gifters are a bunch of bullies for robbing him from his fight

Justice for Zolo
Where the fuck are Jinbe and Robin
I knew this would be a problem for this arc. Everything will move at snails pace because Oda needs to cover, quite literally, 60+ different character perspectives. My guess is they will appear to help Shinobu if she runs into more trouble.

This is why we haven't seen Sasaki, Drake, Who's Who or Black Maria in many chapters. Even Page One has been curiously missing for a while now.

This is what happens when you can only generate 15-17 pages on a pseudo weekly basis lol.

I really don't expect Wano to be anything under 140 chapters and I feel like that is low-balling it if I'm being brutally honest.
Well, she actualy was. Right when Queen dropped on her she got the white eyes and then started to remember her family what actualy brought her eyes back. Her memory coming back actualy woke her up lol.
Not the same kind of "white eyes" I'm talking about. Kaido got the same shit when Luffy hit him, its not the same thing. That's just how Oda draws high impact hits to the face.

I'm talking about the state Luffy leaves villains in when they are completely knocked out.
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