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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 989
Title: Somehow I don't feel like were losing

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Oda's treatment of Big Mom is a real disaster, even if she is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece he won't stop nerfing and clowning her so the Straw Hats can survive and look good. It's really one of if not the worst of Oda's writing.

It makes me really wonder how Oda's mind works and for what purpose he made her come to Wano if he's continuing using her in such a poor and ridiculous way.

Oda's treatment of Big Mom is a real disaster, even if she is one of the most powerful characters in One Piece he won't stop nerfing and clowning her so the Straw Hats can survive and look good. It's really one of if not the worst of Oda's writing.
Not much nerf, Big Mom was taken by surprise the last two chapters. And she never had Katakuri's future sight. Straw hats are more akin to annoying mosquitoes than anything.
Quick but enjoyable chapter. Paparazzi Pound reveals to the world that Big Mom still had a rocking body in her 40s. Now which is more traumatizing, Pound or Yamato showing up and calling themselves your daddy?

Franky making moves on all the ladies. First time he meets a Yonko is with a wheel on her face. Now he's telling Nami to stop running from Big Mom, some advice for Luffy there. He blasts a Number to rescue the Brachio Tank and finally forms the Shogun that Wano really needs right now. Franky is just outstanding. The Numbers turn out to be a very cool callback to the giant burning skulls and frozen prisoners of Punk Hazard, an experimental facility that for a long time tried to recreate the super giant horned demons like Oars. The government can succesfully create giants, whatever drawbacks they may come with, but they wanted to go beyond and make Ancient Giants. They're lab rejects in the true sense as their only value was being sold to Kaido. The Shogun itself is about half the size of a giant, making even the smallest Number holding it easily over 30 meters or 1.5 giants. Every Number introduced looking more monstrous than the last is a welcome trend, and as they are experiments the possibility that they are Awakened Zoan like the Jailer Beasts is higher now than ever. One of these guys has the face of the Punk Hazard dragon. I hope they have the ability to recover quickly otherwise Number 4 is down. Where does this leave horned mini-giants like Kaido, Black Maria, and offspring Yamato? They're all just a family of freaks, if not Kaido will turn you into one by feeding you a SMILE!

Jinbe and Robin tag in to continue the Strawhat flex on Big Mom. That's the fourth time Jinbe gets one over on Linlin. Clever how Jinbe planned the judo flip as soon as she swung her arm back, using BM's momentum against her, Robin finishing it off with the Yama special. At this point, every Strawhat except Zoro has dunked on Big Mom in one way or another. She's fat, pink, uncontrollable appetite, hilarity will ensue when she battles, she somehow ends up being manipulated by those much weaker than her, but at the end of the day you know she's a complete tank who will eat it all and easily bounce back. Big Mom is the fat Majin Buu of the series, I'm disappointed I didn't make the connection before. The yokai homies proving super useful here as Big Mom snatches one to use as a body shield against Franky's beam lol. Maybe it wasn't such a bright idea to reanimate household junk. Big Mom warming up to Brook, I ship these old folks. She also mentions Jinbe sunk a fleet of ships. I'll wait for a better translation but at least Jinbe harbors no ill will towards Big Mom whatever may have happened at the end of WCI.

The final page with the glorious Strawhat double spread we've been waiting for! No Carrot and Wanda photobombing either, though ironically Chopper showing his back looked better than he does here. Everyone else looking very clean. Jinbe so big and prominent near the front. General Franky finally assembled and ready for action in the back. Funny that Sanji is so pissed at how good the suit is that he takes it off. Zoro nonchalantly reappears this chapter just to join the group shot, but he does have the honor of getting slammed to the ground by Queen's very sharp herbivore teeth. King and Queen doing everything possible to avoid using their final hybrid forms. Amusing to see Zoans fight with their beast forms to such an extent. The Yakuza talking smack about dinos, probably because Ulti's thick head got bonked and disappeared this week, but I hope this means we get some Flying Six greatness next chapter.

Now that the Strawhats are finally back together, it's good time to split them up again! JK. I would love to see some group action right now like the fight against Oars, with Big Mom as the only individual in the room who could survive the entire Strawhat crew. Unfortunately, Hyogoro is jinxing the alliance here. That's one of the top 5 lines you say before tragedy strikes. So even if the Strawhats do gang up on someone, I could see Kaido's forces and possibly Big Mom's as well, all start arriving to flood the banquet hall and outnumber the alliance to inject some much needed tension into the war.
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