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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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The fact a yonko got this many gags when she actually serious speak volumes and i stan page one and apoo who won't get done dirty like this
P1 and Apoo have like 25 panels total and are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Do you like the actual character or what others think of them is the point. Theres no reason for me to stop liking her because of gags.

And the whole Yonko Saga even dating to WB is to shatter the illusion that the world have about these characters. Is Oda doing a splendid job of making this coherent? Fuck no but for me, he hasn't ruined the reason I started liking her as a character. My end point is if he forgets to address her story and give it a reasonable conclusion with all the things he has incorporated into it. For now, she is still a well written character to me even if my power-scaling side dislikes the abuse of gags.
Yes he is a coward with a Mickey Mouse title. He ran away twice now. He is a fraud who picks his battles carefully.

Yes he knows Shanks and his crew wouldn't kill him. Easy to be brave when you know someone will spare you. Contrast this to MF where he didn't go near WB, Marco or Jozu. He stayed in his weak ass lane fighting fodder and Vista.

Yes he is excited that he has to run. This coward motif will be expanded where he gets chased all over the Grandline until he asks Shanks to shelter him under his protection.

Zoro will never surpass Shanks. Being PK is far harder than WSS and Shanks is closest to the throne atm.
Lmao you legit sound like a broken record at this point :milaugh::milaugh::milaugh:

I would ask you to try harder but when considering you are repping what is nothing more than steaming pile of shit, how much harder can you even try.
the fuck are you talking about
From the start of raid
G4 for ship with fodders
Trashed by Apoo
Embarrassing performance against P1 and Ulti
Embarrassing performance against Yamato
Weaker Sh clowned Bigmom. Bigmom clowned Luffy.
Now Queen trashed him to the ground.

Where is his FS when needed most?

Trashed by Apoo
Took sweet time to cross some gifters and that happened because of samurai alliance
Trashed by Queen

Saved Momo which is vital to the alliance
Encounter with King is not bad

This is what manga has shown. Tell me am I wrong? If so, how?
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