Spoiler One Piece Chapter 989 Spoilers Discussion

Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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A little disappointing that the numbers turned out to be imperfect fodders.

Kaido's crew isn't looking that strong right now:
3 calamities
Page1, Ulti, Black Maria, (I wouldn't consider Drake, Sasaki or Who's who to be on kaido's side)

Bunch of headliner and numbers fodder. The beast pirates make the big mom pirates look very impressive in comparison.

I think the Calamities are going to turn out really strong (like stronger than Big Mom's commanders) to compensate for the rest of the crew.
That Strawhat panel looks amazing!!!
Really a good panel with Jinbe and other members. Can't wait for the battle now.

So much I see chapter for chapter and Oda hints I really believe more in Sanji vs King and Zoro vs Queen now!! I was more the one who want a Zoro vs King and Sanji vs Queen, but at this point I Really feel like Oda plan the opposite, everyone who bet on Sanji vs King, you guys have really a point.

Now for the most bad part and the biggest bad dream for a one piece fan, Big mom...
Oda simple was here the bad write, I fucking call this now for weeks and already see that coming. Two Yonkou are too much in sametime and I kinda know Big mom was gonna eat a another plotarmor+nerf and look what Oda did again, kinda call this for weeks. He need to take her out of the stage for shorttime so the Strawhats can get their battle(also Luffy), so he take her out and we probably seeing again Big mom in the end of the war or in the climax.

He should directly hold her down and don't let her move much, Oda should find a another way to handle the Big mom thing.
Well it happening now, do Im disappointed? Yes, did I have still faith? Yes I can see Big mom reveal her true power in the climax, since I believe the raid fail so it gonna be a hardkick ass for thw alliance and im sure in this one.
How you get Zoro vs Queen when he was bout to fight Kaido alongside Luffy.

P1 and Apoo have like 25 panels total and are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Do you like the actual character or what others think of them is the point. Theres no reason for me to stop liking her because of gags.

And the whole Yonko Saga even dating to WB is to shatter the illusion that the world have about these characters. Is Oda doing a splendid job of making this coherent? Fuck no but for me, he hasn't ruined the reason I started liking her as a character. My end point is if he forgets to address her story and give it a reasonable conclusion with all the things he has incorporated into it. For now, she is still a well written character to me even if my power-scaling side dislikes the abuse of gags.
Yeah sure

Luffy last talk : im going to kick Kaido ass, I'm leaving the rest to you guys"
Everyone : woo, leave it to us
End of the chapter.

You "Zoro said we" show me Zoro saying We after Luffy says he's leaving the rest to them
Casually ignorning Zoro saying we....

Also Sanji fans: Ignores Queen throwing Luffy and Zoro mentioning Kaido in the panel before


Wano resume :
Luffy vs fodders
Offpanel fights
Oden wank
Udon camp
Linlin being clowned
Set up chapters,

80+ chapters and the war and the arc feel like some low budget cartoon network war
A couple things:

Not going to flex about how I was right in the spoiler thread for the last chapter, people entirely overreacted to Sanji, and it turns out King swatted him away and carried about his business, and it was no indication that Sanji was going to fight King because that would have been ridiculous.

Also not going to flex on how I was right about the raid suit being key to Sanji being competitive in the New World, as he would have been one shot without it, which means that he was not close to where he needed to be coming out of the timeskip.

What I will flex about is that double spread of the Straw Hats, specifically the three in front of the group, Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe, which is the second time Oda has separated the three of them from the rest (the chapter after Jinbe came back to the crew being the other) in such a way, just further proof that Jinbe is above Sanji, and significantly so. If there ever was a Monster Trio in the Straw Hats, which there wasn’t (much more a fanmade creation for fanboys to power scale and overrate Zoro and Sanji), then it is now Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe.

Tough to be a Sanji fanboy in the New World.

Also, is that thing about Luffy telling everyone to stay behind, including Zoro, to fight the scrubs while he handles Kaido true? Just more things I was right about, if so.
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