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Who is stronger?

  • King

    Votes: 106 41.2%
  • Katakuri

    Votes: 91 35.4%
  • Raid Suit Sanji

    Votes: 60 23.3%

  • Total voters
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From the start of raid
G4 for ship with fodders
Trashed by Apoo
Embarrassing performance against P1 and Ulti
Embarrassing performance against Yamato
Weaker Sh clowned Bigmom. Bigmom clowned Luffy.
Now Queen trashed him to the ground.

Where is his FS when needed most?

Trashed by Apoo
Took sweet time to cross some gifters and that happened because of samurai alliance
Trashed by Queen

Saved Momo which is vital to the alliance
Encounter with King is not bad

This is what manga has shown. Tell me am I wrong? If so, how?
Am i in the middle of an ocean or something ?
Actually Zoro is standing on Luff's left with Ussop and Chopper, the weak ones. Whereas it's Sanji who's standing on the right, alongside Jinbe and Brook the strong fighters...
hmm for some reason zoro seems to be on equal footing to luffy in the panel and sanji to the back of jinbei doesnt matter direction really just the panel spacing and positions
In the end Luffy tell them to protect his back and take on the Beast pirates in the lower stage. Zoro still could get up after his battle with Queen, I don't see much problem in this one.
Zoro says he'll go up bruh

I thought you ppl were saying that beating a commander and fighting Kaido was not possible due X reasons but now are backtracking.

We have Jimbei for protection already.
shanks doesnt seem like he is aiming for the throne

conclusion a shanks tard
shanks is the closest to the throne .
if you could read , it mentioned when it comes to being free.

even for fellow yonko fans, yall are just tiresome.
He isn't aiming to be PK but nevertheless he is closest to the throne.

Freedom is the definition of PK per Roger and Luffy. The previous PK and the future one.

Comprehension problems still Lanji?


Some people were saying that the Wano war against two Yonko's and their subordinates is going to be tough and dangerous, so far nothing like that has been shown. When you have the Straw Hats who were about to have a toast before entering Onigashima not taking two Yonko's seriously, along with making one of the Yonko's look like a joke through gags it really shows you that there is no tension or sense of danger in this war.

I get that Oda likes gags but this war should have less gags or at the very least use them in a right way, look at Marineford that was a war arc with lots of tension and danger and the only gags was mainly focused on Buggy. This raid/war is so far horrible and you are right it is nothing but a gag war so far, of course there are still a few moments I like but other than that this war is so far a joke.
The sad part is that Linlin is the buggy (gag) and the Shanks (powerhouse) of this arc at the same time

How can anyone explain that this woman matched Kaido, has been hyped many times trashed high tiers, Luffy can't handle her

Yet Nami, brook, Robin, Franky can handle her easily

Oda simply sucks, there's no tension in this arc
He has been failing to deliver since Tea party ended.
The last time Strawhats stood together was in Ennies Lobby, where a major asspull in the form of Going Merry was needed to save them from enemies against whom they had no hope. Will something like that happen again?? Seeing 2 Yonkos are present on the spot..
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